How to build a motivated and dynamic team culture

A strong team culture is essential to driving productivity in your business. A motivated and dynamic team will take problems in their stride, go the extra mile for your clients and create a shared sense of business identity. But these things rarely happen by chance.

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There has been much discussion in recent weeks about productivity in the UK economy and how good management and motivated workers can contribute to society and build wealth Here are some key areas to think about when seeking to create a motivated and dynamic team culture to drive profits and customer satisfaction in your business.


Getting the right people through the door is vital. People can be trained and gain qualifications, but if they have the wrong attitude from the beginning then they will not contribute to your team culture in a positive way. People recruit in the image of themselves so if your team or small business has a problem with culture, it may be advisable to use a third-party recruitment agency to recruit the best candidate.

Clear Job Roles and Governance

All of us crave stability in parts of our lives. Coming into work every day and not having any idea what is required or how to measure success can be maddening for employees. So you need to make sure that job descriptions are clear, kept to (within reason) and that employees understand them.

If you don’t know how to do this or think your business needs restructuring, then you could benefit from Stroud business advisory services from an experienced agency such as who can help create a structure and plan.


Understanding what makes people tick will make or break your culture. Most people will be motivated financially, so some sort of reward scheme for productivity means they will go the extra mile and feel appropriately remunerated when they hit targets. Others will be motivated by advancement or ‘power’, so investing in development and ensuring there are achievable paths to progression will be key to keeping these individuals engaged.

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