Is Your Kitchen Equipment Costing You Money?

If you’re running a professional kitchen, you’ll want to do so efficiently in every way, and that includes keeping costs in check and cutting back on expenses where you can without compromising on quality. But if your kitchen equipment isn’t suited to your operation, it could be costing you more than it is worth.

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Take a look at what you should be spending money on in order to save.

Commercial Dishwashers

They may be more expensive than your standard home dishwasher, but commercial dishwashers are a worthwhile investment.

They save time, can cut water and electricity bills and are incredibly effective when cleaning large volumes of plates, glasses and other crockery and cutlery. Plus, they reduce manpower as they can do the work faster and at a cheaper rate.

Ranges and Hobs

While there are some things restaurants won’t tell you, one of the better-known secrets is that a decent hob or range can make all the difference – not only to the food you’ll serve but also to the speed at which it can be prepared. Hobs and ranges that are suited to your purpose can cut costs in the long run, as you’ll be able to serve more people in a shorter period of time, thus reducing electricity costs too.

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Commercial Refrigerators

A catering fridge like those available at is an excellent investment, as they are designed for heavy use and are far more durable than your standard home appliance.

Commercial fridges are designed to regulate their temperatures far better, as they are often opened and closed regularly, and they are designed to use a reduced amount of power so they don’t guzzle electricity.

Combi Ovens

By being able to offer a combination of steaming, traditional and convection cooking, combi ovens are an all-in-one solution that can save you money and time. These versatile ovens allow for multi-functional cooking and can be switched seamlessly from one mode to another with no fuss and no cleaning in between required.


The latest model grills not only heat up quickly, they are also far more energy-efficient. Grills are an excellent idea if you are looking for an alternative to a deep fryer, and they allow you to offer patrons a healthier cooking option too.

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