Six types of knitwear and how to wear them

There is nothing quite like knitwear during the chillier months when you need to feel cosy. This doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style, as ensuring you wear your knitwear properly will keep you at the height of fashion. This goes for all the different types of jumper, cardigan and vest you might choose.

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Knitted jumper

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One of the most classic forms of knitwear is the crew-neck jumper with its rounded neck and lack of collar. Its textured fabric is available in every colour and for every occasion, including the particularly stylish mens Ralph Lauren knitwear from retailers such as EJ Menswear. If you want to look casual, pair your knitted jumper with denim jeans and boots; if you want to look smart, add a dress shirt.

V-neck jumper

You can contrast a V-neck jumper with your trousers or match them. You can pair it with a T-shirt to stay casual or a button-up shirt with a collar if you want to be formal. This versatility makes the V-neck jumper adaptable to any situation, with different colours and knits adding character and texture.

Rollneck jumper

Rollnecks are excellent for keeping you warm. Stick to natural wool rather than acrylic, which can be itchy and lack breathability. This design will hide any collar or tie but you can wear a jacket or blazer to smarten the look.

Shawl neck/shawl collar

Somewhere between a rollneck and a cardigan, the shawl neck is popular in Europe. Stylish however you wear it, you can choose the degree of formality with the accompanying shirt, tie or jacket.

Knitted cardigan

Knitted cardigans are a definite fashion statement, with everyone trying to get in on the action. They are also practical and are perfect for days when you need to add or remove layers. The weather may also influence whether you do it up, but ensure the top button is open. You can wear any kind of T-shirt under a cardigan, but attention to contrasting colours and patterns is vital.

Knitted vest

These are no longer just for farmers, golfers and students. Smarter than other knitwear, knitted vests will keep you looking sharp on formal occasions but can also be casual. It all depends on whether you wear a tie and go for a dress shirt or a polo shirt.

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