Fashion Must-Haves

Fashion Must-Haves for 2024

2023 was a year full of memorable fashion experiences and you’ve surely had a time when you were standing in front of the closet and deciding what to wear for a job interview, the Barbie movie, or Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. As much fun as it was at the moment, last year was definitely oversaturated when it came to trends, which leads many fashionistas to opting for a more timeless approach to style in 2024. If you too feel overwhelmed, here is a list of garments and accessories that will help you look good this year without sacrificing your comfort.

Lavallière Blouses

The lavallière blouses, also known by the cheeky name of pussycat bow shirts, is a style of tops that have a distinctive bow at the neckline. This feminine and elegant design is not only a fashion attribute, but a historical statement as well, as during the last century it was a symbol of the women’s movements and the challenging of traditional gender norms. Today, these blouses can make an excellent contemporary twist on the basic button-up and are a sophisticated top that you can wear to work, no matter if you tie the bow or let it hang effortlessly around the neck.

Colorful Tweed Jackets

Not every classy garment has to be in a muted color, and the bright tweed jackets are the perfect example of that. Everyone loves a neutral tweed jacket like the ones inspired by Chanel’s 90s collections, but if you want to incorporate more color into your outfit this year while still looking chic, swap the black and white ones for the more vivid options in blue, pink, green, and red. Wear such a jacket on top of a white shirt and a mini skirt combo, throw on a headband and some statement gold jewelry and you’ve got the perfect outfit for school or a brunch with the girls.

Irish Cap

Let’s leave the boring hats in 2023 and step into the new year with a new approach when it comes to accessories as well. A classic baseball hat or a beanie might have been your go-to choice last year, but in 2024, switch things up and get yourself a tweed Irish cap. These headpieces are everything you could ever want from a cap: warm, comfortable, and stylish, they come in plenty of designs and colors so that every fashionista can choose the best one for their fashion taste. Get a cap in a purple Herringbone design for head-turning outfits or opt for a muted black and gray plaid hat and finish your ensembles with style.


Most inexperienced fashionistas often overlook ponchos, considering them a garment meant for older women. This year, try to look beyond the stereotypes and add this loose-fitting piece to your collection. Not only is it the perfect layering clothing for any fall outfit, but depending on the design that you choose, it can also make a wonderful part of a formal ensemble. Don’t go for the boring thick knit poncho; instead, experiment with your style by adding a lightweight garment made of cashmere, superfine lambswool, or even silk and wear it on top of an evening gown.

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