how to make furniture with pallets

How to Make Furniture with Pallets

The pallets have an industrial use for transport that is easily discarded and yet can create spectacular furniture with them. With a little creativity, you can take advantage of many ways, such as creating our furniture without having much idea of ​​carpentry.

How to make furniture with pallets?

Before starting to create, we must give the wood a treatment to achieve the best results.

✔️ We must apply some type of fungicide to eliminate mold, especially if we do not know where the pallet comes from.

✔️ The pallets have many chips that we should stand. If we want a more professional finish, we can brush and remove a thin layer of a wood surface.

✔️ Check that no nail is out to hammer it to avoid future accidents.

✔️ With a small brush removes all the dust we have created when sanding.

✔️ Apply a coat of pores.

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You can already give it a layer of varnish. There are many varieties, from transparent to different shades of brown. Or if you want to paint them, what you have to do is apply a coat of primer after the cover, and you can start painting the color you want.

how to make furniture with pallets


Create a table with pallets

We can create a table with only two pallets of the same size and 4 wooden dowels or 4 wheels with brake depending on whether you want it to be fixed or easily move around the home. We will place a pallet on another joining the back of each one. We will glue the parts that make contact. It is best to apply the glue and leave it a few minutes before hooking the pieces.

We will put the wheels or studs in each of the corners of the bottom. At the top, you can put a glass or a methacrylate plate of the exact size of the pallet.

Methacrylate has certain advantages, such as not cutting. It does not break if it falls and you can buy it in colors and give a modern touch to your table, although it has the disadvantage that it is more easily scratched with use.

Now you have a table quickly and easily, and you can also use the bottom of the pallet as a magazine rack.

Bed base with pallets

There are multiple ideas, such as making a bed base for your room, simply giving the treatment to the wood that we have explained at the beginning and if you do not want, it is unnecessary to glue the pallets for the part that makes contact because of their weight they do not go away to move and thus it will be easy to disassemble the structure.

You can use another 3 pallets as a headboard as seen in this image. You can also ask a carpenter for a wooden board the length of the headboard and glue it just above it to create a shelf where you can place books or any ornament.

Sofa with pallets

The first thing to do is to think how many seats you want the sofa to have if you want it to have armrests, backrest, height, etc. to determine how many pallets we will need.

When you have the pallets, look for a large place where you can work comfortably. First, we will give the treatment to the wood. Then we will glue the pallet that will support the pallet that will be the base. If you want it to be taller, place two pallets, one on top of the other to make the base of the sofa as in this image. And just need to put some cushions or mattresses at the base to make it more comfortable.

Starting from this base, you can create sofas for the garden or terrace and enjoy it in good company.

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