How to repair a hole in your knitting

It doesn’t matter how well-crafted a knitted item is, it can still develop a hole at some point, particularly if it’s well-worn or if you snag it on something. Here’s how you can easily fix it to keep wearing it for years to come.

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Quick fix

The Guardian says that darning is the best way of fixing holes in thick knitwear. They suggest using a darning mushroom made of wood to help keep hold of the wool as you repair it. You can also improvise by using a lightbulb or orange instead.

It’s best to try and catch damaged fabric before it becomes a hole. You can do an easy fix by stitching over the thinned-out fabric, starting where it still appears strong and going over the thinner area.

Darn it

If there is already a hole, you’ll need to do some traditional darning, ensuring you use stable stitches for anchoring. It may be noticeable, as it will sit proud of the original knit, but it is the most durable way of fixing holes. You can have a look at knitting kits for inspiration or advice on the best stitching and there are plenty of knitting kits suppliers who sell the haberdashery items you might need to complete the repair.

How to Darn Socks

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You can also use a knitted patch, which is suitable for larger holes. This will blend in better and be less visible as you are knitting your own patch in the same fabric and colours. To do this, healthy stitches below the hole are picked up and steady stitches are used to root it in place. A row is knitted before the yarn is cut and reattached, leaving enough tail to repeat the process until the hole is covered.

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