Why a website is so beneficial to a School

A lot has changed since the dawn of the internet era, for both better and for worse, and this has an impact on all parts of life in the modern world. Education is something that as well as being affected by the digital world, can also be enhanced by it. The pandemic showed that it is possible to educate children at home as well as in the classroom, something that can be utilised by many schools to help children to learn.

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A website is one of the best resources a school can have if it is well designed. Getting a professional who specialises in primary school websites like FSE design to help with this can help the whole school to run more smoothly. School websites can be useful for all those that use them including:

Teachers – A website can be used by teachers to set work for students who might need to catch up, or they can use it to post material that is relevant to their classes so that students are able to access it for revision, making it an excellent resource for learning.

Parents – Many parents live busy lives and being able to go straight onto the school website in order to find out information, such as school meals, dates and times of terms, and information about school trips is really helpful.

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Children – A website is a great way for children to be able to easily access their homework, as well as information provided by teachers to help them.

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