Importance of Mobile-Optimised Websites

The importance of mobile-optimised websites cannot be underestimated. In the current era of smartphones and tablet computers, a staggering amount of all internet traffic comes from mobile devices. In 2021 alone, people in the UK spent £141 billion on purchases made on mobile devices. By the end of the year 2020, ecommerce sales made up 36% of the entire retail market of the UK. For a Vodafone Monaghan store, go to

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The majority of businesses have yet to make the leap to mobile-friendly websites, despite the growing popularity of smartphones and tablets. By adopting mobile-optimised website design, your company’s chances of increasing your conversion rate from mobile devices will be tripled.

Website users who are on their phones will have a bad experience if your site is not mobile-friendly. If your website fails to accommodate their devices, they may get agitated or frustrated, quickly leaving to visit a competitor’s site instead. This can reflect poorly on your business and its website. Furthermore, not having a mobile-optimised website may make you appear out of touch and antiquated, which will lead to a significant loss of potential customers.

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Mobile-optimised sites will have smaller versions of the same content on a smaller screen. This will reduce the need to scroll and pinch to read content. Mobile users won’t often make the effort to return to the desktop version of your website if they don’t like the look or feel of the mobile version. In addition, a mobile-optimised website will look and feel more attractive to them, boosting your conversion rates.

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