How to Make a Rocket on Minecraft

How to Make a Rocket on Minecraft? Follow These Steps

You are a fan of Minecraft and devote part of your time to exploring the world, facing new adventures every time. It must be said that you are also a fan of “space” and it would be nice if you could, somehow, have some way of uniting these passions of yours, perhaps by building a rocket on Minecraft. Is that exactly what you were thinking about? Very well.

If things are this way, I want to give you good news: although on Minecraft you can only explore the game world (the Overworld), thanks to the help of specific mods, you can really travel in space and discover new worlds. I’m serious! Do not you believe it? So take a look: in today’s guide, in fact, I will explain how to make a rocket on Minecraft that can really work and that can take you around the solar system! Also, in case I was only going to create fireworks, I will also explain how to do this easily.

If you are ready to start reading this guide of mine, I advise you to sit comfortably and pay attention to all the indications that I will give you in the next chapters. Having said that, I just have to wish you a good read and, above all, have fun!

How to make a rocket in Minecraft?

How to Make a Rocket on Minecraft

Do you want to travel in space to reach new worlds to be discovered? In this case, I recommend using the Galacticraft mod, which adds new planets and the ability to build a working rocket on Minecraft!

All you need to do to use this mod is to first install Minecraft Forge, an add-on that manages the mods. Therefore, go to the official website of this tool and press the Installer button, to download the .JAR file related to it. Once the download is complete, double-click on the file in question, to run it with Java. Finally, press the OK button to complete the procedure.

After that, go to the website, a portal that contains many mods for Minecraft. Scroll to the bottom of the page and press on the Download From Server item relating to the versions of Minecraft and Minecraft Forge installed on your PC. In the new screen, you see, press the Download button to download the .JAR file. relating to the mod.

In addition to this mod, you must also install another one which is essential for everything to work properly: through this link, download the MicdoodleCore mod, by pressing the Download From Server button near the same version of Minecraft and Minecraft Forge, so as to download also, in this case, the relative.JAR file.

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Once you get the mod files, go to the path C: \ Users \ [name] \ AppData \ Roaming \ .minecraft and open the mod folder. Can’t find it? Create it yourself manually, following the advice I gave you in my guide. Once this is done, move the two previously downloaded .JAR files to this folder.

At this point, start Minecraft and press the ▲ icon, which you will find next to the Play button. Choose therefore the item Forge and then click on Play. Well: if you have carefully followed the instructions I have indicated, you will have correctly installed the Galacticraft mod on Minecraft.

Through the Creative mode of Minecraft, you will be able to access the tabs of this mod directly from the inventory, so you can immediately build your rocket. I’ll explain in detail how to quickly build a working rocket to start your adventures, even if in reality the contents of this mod are more complex and many tools are available.

First, you need to set up a launchpad using the Rocket Launch Platform object. You will need to build a 3 × 3 platform and then add a Rocket to it. The next step is to refuel the rocket.

To carry out this operation, place a petrol charger next to the platform, to which you will have to connect a coal generator (to supply it with electricity): use an aluminum cable to make the electrical connection between these two devices.

Now, use Buckets of Fuel to refuel the Gasoline Generator. If you have followed what I have illustrated to you, the Rocket will start refueling to be ready to go. Then interact on the latter and press the Space key on the keyboard to start the countdown.

The rocket will be launched and, at the end of its journey, a map of the solar system will be available, through which you can select the planets to visit. Since it is necessary to have special equipment to visit the planets, I recommend you consult the official Wiki, where you can find all the information you need to better understand this mod and explore new worlds on Minecraft.

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