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Having a website in today’s times is incredibly important especially as many people will use a website not only as a way to check out whether or not you have the product or service, they require but also to check that you are in fact a genuine company. This is why it is incredibly important to consult with web designers in Reading like Star Web Innovations who will ensure that the website they design and build for you is relevant to your business sector and reflective of your company’s values and mission statement.

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It can sometimes be difficult to see how a website for a service-based business can work as hard as a website for a product-based business does. But this entirely depends on you ensuring that a number of different elements are included in the build and using a company like Star Web Innovations will automatically make sure that these are added to your website as standard.

Making a call to action visible on every page – this may be in the form of a call no button or perhaps signing up to your company newsletter and will very much depend on what our business is and what you are looking to get out of people visiting your website. Some companies use this call to action area as a way of displaying special offers that may currently have or even a contact form to fill out in order to request a call back, quote or even to book an appointment. You want to include these on every page of your website so that prospective customers do not have to revert back to previous page in order to be able to complete the given action.

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Which area you cover – this needs to be included in the written content on your website for a number of reasons. Firstly, it will help you with not having to deal with too many enquiries about whether you can help in a certain geographical location and in turn this will also help you say money as you can be much more targeted with your marketing including paid social media adverts and google AdWords. Secondly it can help with search engine optimisation which in turn has an impact in where you appear in the search engine results.

Contact details – always include your contact telephone number and where possible an email address either in the header or footer bar of each page of your website. This again helps you prospective customers not having to specifically look on your contact page in order to call you.

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