impossible spaces decoration

Decorative solutions for impossible spaces at home

Gaining new areas in the house where to save or make life feels very good. And there is always a corner or a few meters willing to offer us that possibility if we sharpen our decorative wit. We may think that they are impossible spaces to take advantage of and we have thrown in the towel with them. Well, none of that. They are everywhere and have a lot to contribute.

Impossible spaces decoration

impossible spaces decoration

It is very easy for all of us to have places cataloged as impossible spaces at home. Every time we look at them, the same thought crosses our mind: what a pity to have these meters wasted! Those that are just below the interior staircase, at the bottom of the windows and in passage areas. From now on they can have a relevant decorative paper. Or a purely functional use for day to day domestic.

Goodbye to impossible spaces with low-cost ideas

Goodbye to small room

Many projects can fit in these impossible spaces of the houses without necessarily having to make a high economic cost. Or in other words, if we also provide low-cost solutions, better than better. The objective can be to transform them into corners full of life. Conceive them as small reliefs or mini-environments where to carry out a concrete activity with the appropriate decoration and furniture.

The key is to find out which solutions are best suited to our white bedroom. Modular furniture to grow with the passage of time, stacked in towers or low. All of this will depend on whether they are important protagonists of the decoration or that they occupy a more complementary role. Once transformed these impossible spaces we will be willing to enjoy them and not have to make aesthetic changes.

A hiding place to study under the stairs

under the stairs

Reading and studying are two quite common activities at home. However, sometimes we do not have our favorite place to read or study because we share it with more family members. Some of these impossible spaces have great potential as auxiliary environments. This is what happens with the holes under the stairs to which we have not given any interest. In them, it fits quite more than we imagine, although they barely measure 2 square meters.

This type of places is more than enough to improvise an extra reading area. Surely it will not come bad at home if there are many readers in it. The idea is to discover very beneficial solutions for your pocket. Some shelves that take advantage of the irregular shape of the wall can be the starting point to begin to shape this new intellectual environment. Or a folding board fixed to the partition to enjoy a work table. Super practical if we illuminate it properly with a table lamp or a standing model: both will give the necessary spotlight.

Afterward, it will only be necessary to think about the most favorable seat for reading. Essential and anatomical seats are the best if we like to read sitting if possible padded and with the back somewhat inclined. We love to immerse ourselves in the book lying down. Nothing like the chaise longue option if there is enough space. Goodbye definitely to this kind of impossible spaces.

Tiny dining room in the middle of the pass zone

Tiny dining room

Other times, those impossible spaces consist of bare surfaces that are part of a partition. Or of a narrow wall and nevertheless with privileged natural light because they are next to a window. Although its dimensions are minuscule, they are perfectly suitable for a removable dining room, modern and made of natural wood. So nothing to give up our particular office if we eat at home daily.

The simpler the set and the less it occupies, the more successful the solution will be. And of course, the folding tables of the wall take the palm. When they are not used, they are collected and almost not noticed. The modern wooden chairs without arms are usually the ideal companions because they are least needed spaces. Also, if they are chosen in the same finish, they will appear visually lighter.

These impossible spaces do not lack even a detail, even storage. Of course, in the same proportion. Perhaps in the upper part of the wall, there is room to place a pair of cube-shaped shelves. Placed vertically or horizontally, they are more than enough to place the tableware, breakfast cups, etc.

Moments of relaxation by the windows and more

small room windows

If there is something in abundance in the houses are the windows. A few holes of the wall under them without using. They can also be considered impossible spaces because surely we have not noticed them from a decorative point of view. However, they are small surfaces full of possibilities, where low-budget ideas can be accommodated. Without ruling out more custom designs.

Assemble new storage points, create places for leisure and recreation to have a coffee while we consult the laptop, contemplate the outside or draw a watercolor. An improvised refuge to disconnect at different times of the day. At last, they have ceased to be impossible spaces and only to install seats with fluted boards dressed with cushions and cushions, modern wooden benches that allow you to lie down or bars that occupy the minimum.

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