How to prevent slips and trips in bad weather

Slips and trips can occur at any time, but they are more likely during the colder, wetter months. This can be a particularly difficult time for those who are already living with mobility issues. There are a number of ways that you can help prevent slips and trips in bad weather, and here are just a few of them for you to think about.

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Mobility Aids – take a look at support equipment that places like as these will help with mobility in general and it will give the user a form of security when walking out and about in wetter weather. There are lots of different ones available and the type that is chosen will depend on the individual’s needs.

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Handles – when stepping in and out of the home it can be useful to have handles placed either side of the door. This gives the user a chance to steady themselves before they put their full weight down on the floor.

Sand – if your driveway and garden get particularly icy you might want to consider investing in coarse sand or grit that you can place down when you know the weather is going to get a little cold and icy. This can help prevent the ice from forming, much like it does on the road when they are gritted.

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