Is there an optimum time to book car hire?

The need to book car hire can arise for a range of reasons, from holidays to the need to have a temporary car if your main vehicle is off the road for any time. However, getting the best deal is not always as obvious as it seems!

Hiring a Car

Many companies offer car hire services covering a range of geographical areas. In the UK for example, most companies will offer car hire collection points from all key airports and cities.

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In order to hire a car, there are several regulations to be complied with. For example, a full driving licence and the code that is shared with the hire company will be required. These can be obtained from the DVLA.

Car Hire Tips

To obtain the cheapest possible price there are some key tips to follow. Firstly, always make sure that you book in advance. Although booking can be done at the airport or counter, this is rarely the cheapest option.

Use a search facility such as Money Maxim to check on the costs of the various different providers. This one-off go-to comparison is a really useful starting point.

When comparing deals, look at matters such as the amount of car hire excess insurance that is included, if at all. It will be necessary to have insurance, but whether or not you choose to protect your excess is another matter. This will add to the cost but offers you certainty in the event of an accident.

Other tips include considering a slightly smaller vehicle. Providers will offer different prices for the smaller vehicles and sticking to a smaller car can have a substantial impact on the price over a longer period of time.

Always make sure that you book for full days. If you go over the deadline by even one hour, most rental companies will charge you for a whole extra day.

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Above all, make sure that you plan in advance. Join any available loyalty schemes so that you get told about the best deals that are available.

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