How To Use The Black Mask

Now many people know the black mask for the face, but not everyone knows how to use the black mask …

Black mask is a beauty treatment that is becoming popular among trendsetters and on the web. In fact, for some time now, more and more VIP shots have been made on the social networks that are immortalized during the treatment with the black mask, as well as endless tutorials and articles also on paper magazines.

Why choose the black mask?

There are many reasons to choose the black mask, first of all for its purifying power for the skin.

In fact, this mask promises to eliminate blackheads and to help the skin in purifying from acne at any age.

A few monthly applications are enough to have a cleaner, brighter and healthier complexion, depending on the case it is advisable to use it maximum once a week. For those who have sensitive skin, it is better to apply it every two weeks, keeping it in place for less than 8 to 12 minutes, no more.

Not only that, the black mask oxygenates the skin and causes free radicals to be counteracted more effectively. If you’re a fashion victim and you’re always looking for inspiration for endless selfie like the black mask is absolutely to try and document the pose as the stars through post.

How is the black mask applied?

Applying the black mask is also easy fun, it is a peel-off product that will adhere to the skin of the face creating a thin layer that will then be removed by “ripping” from the skin gently.

First take the right amount of black mask from the tube and with clean and dry hands, spread a layer on the face avoiding the eye contour and lips. The consistency is the same as the most common face masks, but will solidify on contact with the air during the laying on the complexion.

As it becomes dry it will turn from shiny to opaque and once in a pose the black mask does not drip but rather is comfortable and very fresh on the skin. After a maximum time of 15 minutes the black mask is ready to be eliminated and all impurities will remain attached to it, including the black spots, even the most rooted ones.

To eliminate it at best and without feeling annoyed from the edges, which will be already slightly detached from the skin, proceed from the bottom that is from the chin upward.

Also to be sure of the ingredients it is possible to realize the black mask also in the house by exploiting activated charcoal, commonly sold in herbal medicine or even at the supermarket and in pharmacies. This will be mixed with semi-skimmed milk, who is lactose intolerant can replace it with that of soybean and isinglass or gelatin sheets.

The latter will be made to soften in cold water, it takes 3 sheets and meanwhile heat the milk. The soy bean should not be brought to a boil, but suffice it to be lukewarm and to this combined the charcoal reduced to powder, it takes 3 tablets because it is commonly found pressed into tablets.

Mix everything with the gelatin and when the mixture is thick you can spread it on the face and leave it in place for 20 minutes, for those with delicate skin better halve the shutter speed.

It is also advisable to make facial vapors before using the black mask, so that the impurities can be eliminated better.


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