Fostering a child with Special Needs and disabilities.

Becoming a Foster Carer is a choice some individuals and couples make to help and support a young child in their home, that is not biologically their own.  When that involves fostering a child with Special Needs and disabilities the potential carers must complete several specialised training courses.  These elite courses are aimed at anyone supporting a child with complex, physical, mental and emotional needs and are an essential part of the Foster Carer application process. Professional companies such as can provide a suitable Challenging behaviour course for you to attend.

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You will learn how to implement approved distraction and manhandling techniques, alongside how to diffuse anxieties in your child and how to help them achieve their best possible outcomes. You will be taught better communication and listening skills and your confidence will grow as you learn how best to help and support your disabled Foster Child.  Caring for a young child that was born with a physical disability takes patience, empathy, love, and a genuine longing to care for that child.

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Fostering a young child with challenging behaviours takes a different set of skills, you will need endless tolerance, patience, love, understanding and be physically and mentally strong.  You will be challenged on a daily basis, and you will need to remain calm and resilient at all times.  You will have to use all the training you received on distraction techniques and supporting a child with challenging behaviours but if you can commit to the child one hundred percent you will make an amazing foster carer for them.

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