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How to Clean Car Dashboard? Step by Step Guideline

The dashboard is the entire front plate of a car interior. At the top are the dashboard and steering wheel, while at the bottom are the vehicle’s brake, accelerator, and other components. Its name comes from horse carriages since they had a cover that prevented mud and water from splashing on the driver and passengers.

Although it is not used today for this, the dashboard of the car is one of the interior components that is most affected by wear and dirt. In this article, we explain the best methods to know how to effectively clean the car dashboard. Leave your vehicle like new!

Steps to clean car dashboard

To obtain them, take into account that you must dedicate enough time to each part of the dashboard to keep it clean. Next, we will explain a step by step on how to clean the car’s dashboard with soap and water:

clean car dashboard

  • Wipe a dry cloth on the dashboard. If you have a vacuum cleaner, vacuum it to remove as much dirt or accumulated dust.
  • Mix water and neutral soap in a bucket. You can also use the commercial shampoo they sell to clean cars.
  • Take a microfiber cloth and rinse it with this preparation. Squeeze it before passing it through the dashboard, as excess water can fall into an electronic or metal component and damage it.
  • Run the rinsed cloth very carefully through each part of the dashboard. In the wide parts of the board, you can do it in a circular way. Be sure to remove stains and sticky parts well. If you find stains that are difficult to remove, you can use a plastic sponge to remove them, but don’t apply too much force to avoid scratching it.
  • Every time you go to wipe the rag over an area you haven’t cleaned, rinse the rag and wring it out.
  • Don’t forget to clean hard-to-reach parts such as air conditioning ventilation systems. For this, use soft-bristled toothbrushes that you no longer use or small brushes.
  • Take a cotton cloth that is completely dry and wipe it all over the dashboard or dashboard of the car, and make sure it is very dry. If necessary, wipe with another dry cloth until the task is achieved, thus avoiding stains and the appearance of fungus on the surface of the dashboard.
  • Using this cleaning method, you will get a matte finish. In order for the dashboard to have the original shine, you must spray it with a specific polish for plastics or wood. Let this product dry for about 5 minutes and wipe it with a completely dry cloth until it is shiny.

Clean the car dashboard with ammonia

The dashboard of the car is one of the parts of the car where a lot of the dust that enters when opening the car windows accumulates. It also tends to get dirty when we put things on top of it and when we put dirty or greasy hands on it.

Its appearance leaves much to be said about the driver of the vehicle. That is why it is recommended that you do a deep cleaning frequently. One of the most recommended tricks to clean the interior of the car and the dashboard is to use ammonia.

This product is industrially manufactured and comes in many cleaning products. However, it is a product that can be harmful to health if proper precautions are not taken when using it. Here we explain how to use ammonia to clean the dashboard of a very dirty car:

  • Prepare a mixture of ammonia with water. Use 2 caps of ammonia for every liter of water. You can use any ammonia to prepare this mixture.
  • Vacuum or dust off the dashboard with a cotton cloth.
  • Put on a mouth cap to avoid inhaling the smell of ammonia and wear gloves.
  • Use a lint-free rag like microfiber rags. Soak it in the water-ammonia mixture, but make sure it doesn’t drip or drip.
  • Start cleaning the dashboard of the car by the largest parts, rubbing them with this circular cloth. The idea is to remove stains and dirt, but without scratching the upholstery.
  • Clean the most difficult access parts with small toothbrushes. You can also wrap the tip of a screwdriver with the rag and do a more thorough cleaning.
  • Dry the dashboard with a cotton cloth.
  • Let the dashboard dry with the windows open for about 10 minutes and wipe down another dry cloth to give it a natural shine.
  • Since ammonia is a powerful cleaner and disinfectant, this product is perfect for cleaning sticky car dashboards.

Clean the dashboard of the car with glycerin

Glycerin is a colorless, odorless and non-toxic product with a viscous consistency. When used, the board gets a glossy finish with a protective layer against dust and stains. Next, we explain how to use glycerin to clean the car dashboard :

  • Mix 400 ml of water with 30 ml of glycerin and stir until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
  • Pour the mixture into a spray bottle or spray bottle. You can add a few drops of flavoring to obtain a pleasant smell when cleaning the car.
  • Vacuum or dust off the dashboard with a cotton cloth.
  • Spray large areas with the product and wipe with a microfiber cloth to remove stains and dirt from the dashboard.
  • Repeat this procedure in the most difficult access parts, use a soft bristle brush.
  • Let it dry for 5 minutes and wipe it with a dry cotton cloth to give more shine to the car dashboard.

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