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6 ideas for the decorations for your autumn wedding

Do you marry in the fall? We have selected 6 attractive ideas for you to enhance the beauty that this season can give to your wedding! We share ideas for the decorations for your autumn wedding.

Autumn is a wonderful season, full of beautiful colors to draw on to make the wedding makeup and more. Getting married during this period makes it possible to decorate the wedding in truly surprising ways; so if you have decided to exchange the fateful wedding phrases from September to December, you’re in luck! To best appreciate all the elements that the autumn season can offer you, we give you 6 ideas to draw from … we are very curious about how you will reinterpret them at your wedding!

Ideas for the decorations for your autumn wedding

1. 50 shades of autumnautumn wedding

The beauty of autumn is in its colors: the green of the landscapes is tinged every day with different shades of red, brown, orange and yellow … why not bring all these colors to the table? A composition of autumn fruits and leaves will make the tables of your guests really special, moreover – if you have opted for a long table in an ‘ elegant villa or in a bohemian style garden – why not decorate it with hundreds of colored leaves? If this table is made of wood, the “wow” effect is guaranteed!

2. Leaves like petalsautumn wedding

The autumn leaves, in their delicious and colorful hues, are well suited to replace the spring compositions in the bouquets of flowers, but not only! During an autumn wedding, the leaves could magically turn into delicate tools to celebrate the newlyweds: use them instead of rice , offering them to your guests in baskets placed outside the church, or entrust them to your bridesmaids, to announce the arrival of the bride: they will be able to spread them on the ground like very special rose petals … 100% autumn.

3. An enveloping warmthautumn wedding

In autumn, you know, the days begin to shorten and the shadows of the evening are not long in surprising the guests who are celebrating your wedding. To give value to these moments, make sure to illuminate the environment adequately, creating visual suggestions thanks to the soft lights of scented candles. Place them in every corner: on the steps, on the tables, hanging like lanterns … they will make you want to be exactly where you are and spread a warm family atmosphere around you.

4. Decorations to tasteautumn wedding

In any self-respecting event, first of all, marriage, the overall harmony is made by the competition of many details and the food is one of them. That’s right, the presentation of the dishes on the tables not only serves as edible entertainment but also as an influential decorative element. An example is the wedding cake, undisputed protagonist of the moment when you marry you will have to cut the first slice: the latter is the symbol of the phrase of love that expresses the beginning of your new life together and there is no better day for doing it if not on a warm early autumn evening . How do you distinguish an autumn cake from the others? From its intense colors and the use of seasonal ingredients such as chestnuts, figs, pomegranate, grapes. And maybe even a special touch like cinnamon or chocolate, which never hurts.

5. Long life to wood … and pine cones!autumn wedding

Among the elements that most characterize the autumn season, there are undoubtedly the wood and pine cones. The latter is a reference to the pines that underpin the woods, tinged with delightful golden and brown hues. Together with chestnuts and typical fruit of this season, pine cones are natural elements that well symbolize autumn. As well as being truly versatile: a moment before they can be placed on the tables as a do-it-yourself wedding place card and the next moment placed in characteristic baskets to take on the role of perfect wedding centerpieces … do not you already feel in a cabin in the middle of a wood?

6. Cinderella’s pumpkin …autumn wedding

Every bride, on her wedding day, turns into a princess like Cinderella after the enchantment of the Blue Fairy. That said, as a decorative wedding element, a pumpkin will fall well, especially if it is an autumn wedding. There are many variations of this tasty vegetable and the natural color games that their combination can create are truly incredible. So choose all the pumpkin varieties you prefer to decorate your autumn wedding. Do you know that there are over fifty types?

After reading the article, have you decided to get married in the fall? Good choice! Among the advantages of this season, in addition to the numerous possibilities to decorate the wedding location. There is the fact that you will not risk suffering the heat wrapped in your wedding dresses and groom. Not to mention the fact that you will have at your disposal wonderful natural landscapes. That will act as a background to your most romantic photos. And who said that autumn is sad?

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