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12 cities to visit in winter

Because you do not have to travel alone in summer. If you have a visit in winter holiday there are many destinations that you can enjoy especially at this time of year. In addition, in winter we can take advantage of bridges and weekends to get out of the routine and discover that city that we are so keen on. There are cities that are resplendent in summer but there are also others that will make fans of the cold go crazy when winter makes its appearance. At this time of the year you breathe something special, a mystical light illuminates the streets, snow adorns the roofs and the fools of the snowmen rub their hands. If you want to know how to travel around the world discovering the ideal places to discover in the coming months, read on and dress up well. As an inspiration, here we leave you our selection of destinations to visit in winter holidays.

Top cities to visit in winter


best visit in winter

Berlin in winter? Yes! We already know that the temperatures are freezing and that there are few hours of light, but still, Berlin has much to offer those who are encouraged to visit in winter. Its Christmas markets , its museums, its hot wine or why not, skating in one of the frozen lakes that surround the city. In addition, the snow-covered Brandenburg Gate will give you a beautiful picture postcard, and the tour of the wall, or the visit to the Monument of the Jews killed in Europe, will show you a recent past that will make you reflect.

Berlin can be a great winter getaway. Oh! And if you are traveling with children, how about a visit to Legoland FunPark?


If you are looking for a fairy tale destination in winter, and especially at Christmas, you can not miss visiting Colmar. You can combine Colmar and Strasbourg on your trip. All Alsace is an ideal area to travel at Christmas, and Colmar is essential to enjoy Christmas decorations, Christmas markets and traditional architecture. Strolling through Little Venice is a pleasure that at this time of year, and an ideal place to do your Christmas shopping.

Marrakech can be a great winter destinati Marrakech

You will discover the dynamism of its markets and souks, you will taste its delicious gastronomy with its unique teas and juices, and you will get lost in its streets. Or for the more adventurous, a trip to the desert is an experience that you have to live at least once in your life. Further. You will enjoy mild temperatures at this time of year.


cities to visit in winter

Italy calls you! Milan does not have a winter as extreme as in other cities in Europe, so it can be a fantastic city to visit on your winter getaways. You can visit places as famous as its Duomo square and its cathedral, as well as the Vittorio Emanuele Galleries (especially beautiful with its night lighting) but also, you can also make excursions to other nearby areas such as Lake Como and let yourself be captivated by its glamor. At this time of year.

New York

New York is a perfect destination at any time of the year, it’s no surprise. But visiting it in winter can have a film effect. You will find a chilly weather but to compensate you will be able to discover the spectacular competition of Christmas showcases in its streets or the Christmas markets where to make your purchases. In addition, to combat this cold you can visit some of its Museums (like the Metropolitan or the Moma), lose yourself in a shopping center, or attend one of its spectacular sporting events. Be that as it may, the supply of activities is so extensive in New York that you will not mind the cold.


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We are sure that Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in winter. The Charles Bridge under the snow, without the crowd of visitors that summer usually has, will be unforgettable. Or the visit to the astronomical clock of the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, to contemplate its daily show and of course, climb the tower to have beautiful views of the city. And you will not only enjoy its streets, but you can also climb up to its castle, to contemplate the winter splendor of the city.


Seville is beautiful at any time of the year, and the walk along the Puente de Triana, the view of the Torre del Oro, or discover the beautiful Plaza de España, are scenes that are worth discovering. In addition, you will love getting lost in the neighborhood of Santa Cruz, the Maria Luisa Park, or the streets of Triana or Macarena where you can sit down and taste some of their delicious tapas.

St. Petersburg , Russia

Imagine walking through one of the most historic squares in the world. Now do it with this totally covered with snow, a mantle that also adorns the roofs of the Hermitage, the Building of the General Staff, the imposing Ministry of the Navy and a solemn column of more than 47 meters in which an angel watches anyone who wants marvel at it. You are in the Palace Square , a simply incredible construction that you will only find in St. Petersburg, a city that radiates beauty in the harsh but precious winters of Russia.

Ottawa , Canada

They say Ottawa is the third coldest capital in the world, since temperatures can reach -30º in winter. However, do like another Canadian, wrap up, do not be afraid of the cold and make the most of it! The capital of Canada has much to offer winter lovers and in addition to a natural environment that seems even more magical when the thermometer falls, is the time when the Rideau Canal freezes to the delirium of the skaters, who can now walk your city on the natural ice rink. Oh! And do not forget to go to Ottawa in the months of January and February to enjoy the Winterlude festival, famous for its ice sculptures, outdoor concerts and sled races. You know, this city you have to see in winter.

Queenstown , New Zealand

the visit in winter

There are many crazy _snowboard _ that make Queenstown, New Zealand, its base camp. However, in addition to being an ideal place to shine your skills in winter sports, the New Zealand city is a wonder to delight the view with a landscape of mountains covered in a beautiful white mantle and Lake Wakatipu next to it. Climb one of the peaks that surround it, such as Bob’s Peak, to see one of the most spectacular frozen landscapes in the world. If that was not enough, write down on your calendar the dates of the Queenstown Winter Festival , a renowned event in which to enjoy as a child of snow for 10 days.

Shirakawa-go, Japan

We are sure that you have seen the print of Shirakawa-go more than once and that you have reproduced it in dreams because, without a doubt, it looks like a fantasy. This Japanese village was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1995 due to its beauty and cultural importance. The white river town is literally crossed by Shogawa river and surrounded by mountains that in winter are dyed an intense white color that will leave you frozen for its beauty. The houses of Shirakawa-go are built according to the gassho-zukuri architectural styleor construction with the palms together, that is, with a triangular roof of straw very inclined that allows them to support the weight of the large amount of snow they receive each winter. A tip: hallucinate with the city in all its splendor from the viewpoint of Shiroyama!

Lucerne, Switzerland

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Lucerne is situated at the foot of the Swiss Alps and on the shores of Lake Lucerne. The city is crossed by the river Reuss and the incredible medieval bridge Kappellbrucke , the oldest wooden bridge in Europe, is responsible for uniting the new city with the old. From the battlements of the Musegg castle you will have the pleasure of contemplating this incredible city in which it seems that the time has stopped surrounded by snowy mountains. And if you go in February you will be lucky because, to make it round, is when the Carnival of Lucerna is celebrated , one of the most fascinating events in Europe and that makes it one of the best cities to visit in winter.

Finally, as if ‘Game of Thrones’ will be dealt with, winter is coming. For many people, this is the ideal time to make plans that include little more than three elements: sofa, blanket and film. For others, it is the ideal time to explore those countries that can only be truly known visit in winter, covered in snow, or to visit places whose charm increases when temperatures drop. We know that it is difficult to get out of that dynamic of sofa, blanket and film when the thermometer marks below zero degrees, but the beauty of some cities under the snow and the atmosphere that breathes in them in these months of the year get that even the most Frivoler is encouraged to take a walk through its streets.


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