Uses of cinnamon to clear bad energy

Cinnamon is a spice used in many things, from gastronomy to the home. One of the functions that have been given to it over the years is to cleanse bad energy.

For this type of ritual, cinnamon is used in different ways and we are going to talk about it. If you’re here reading this and you don’t believe in energy, don’t worry, stay because some ways of using it can help you keep the aroma of this bark always alive in your home.

What is cinnamon itself?

Cinnamon is used in different cultures to clear bad energy from the home.

Most of us use it at home, to scent the home or a delicious hot drink, but you can also use it to clear bad energy. Of course, before continuing with these tricks, we want to delve a little deeper into what this famous spice really is. Well, cinnamon is the bark of a tree called cinnamon or cinnamon. It is a species that flowers yellow and occurs in tropical and humid climates.

Historically, this bark has been used for multiple purposes for its aromatic properties. From a health point of view, the Spanish Nutrition Foundation points out that it is a source of protein, vitamins C and B complex, and minerals such as iron, calcium, zinc, potassium, and selenium.

Other scientific studies have given credence to its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. They even highlight its analysis in the treatment of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases, such as cancer and Parkinson’s, among others.

Today, it is still believed, as was the case in ancient China and India, that this ancient bark has mystical properties. Among them, it was said and is said that cinnamon helps clean the house of bad energy.

How to use cinnamon to clean bad energy?

Did you know that cinnamon is the bark of a tree? Now that you know, it’s time to use it to clean bad energy from your home and also enjoy its delicious aroma at all times. Take note of these tricks and use them whenever you want!

1. Use it as incense

Many people like incense and this one can easily be made with a piece of cinnamon. If you have a long, thin sliver, then use it as a wand, place it on a tray, and burn one of its ends, allowing it to burn away.

You can also place a few pieces in a cauldron and let the heat of the fire release their essential oils and burn them. When you see the smoke, then take the artifact and pass it around the house. It is even said that when you have repeated problems sleeping and you keep tossing and turning in bed, it is useful to pass cinnamon incense through the mattress.

2. Make a homemade floor cleaner

Another way to use cinnamon to clean bad energy from home is to make a homemade floor cleaner with the bark. To do this, it is enough to boil water and when it has reached the boiling point, turn it off and add the cinnamon, it can be sticks or powder.

Once this preparation cools, you are going to use it to clean the floor, furniture, or any space in your house. In addition to scaring away any bad vibes, your house will smell delicious. Its aroma will help you relax and calm down. Enjoy it!

3. Take a bath with cinnamon

You can clean bad energy by using cinnamon in the bathtub.

Cinnamon belongs to a group of aromatic plants that are known as sweets and are used in different rituals to eliminate bad energies and call good ones. For those who believe in it, it is recommended to throw a couple of branches into the bathtub in hot water and take a bath.

For those who want to do this but don’t have a bathtub, you have the option of boiling the water, adding the cinnamon, and showering with it when it’s up to temperature.

4. Place a piece of cinnamon on the door

The last of the tips that we have to clean the house of bad energy with cinnamon consists of putting together a few branches, you can join them with a red ribbon and put them behind the front door of your house.

At this same point, many say that you can take a handful of powdered cinnamon and blow it at the door of the house. This you can do if you do not have the splinters that we mentioned a few lines before.

Enjoy cinnamon, its aroma goes beyond bad energy

As you can see, cinnamon is a very useful spice that is worth having at home. Take advantage of it if you believe in the movement of energies to clean them. But, if not, don’t worry, enjoy it to take care of your health and with its charming aroma and flavor.

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