money saving gardening tips

Money Saving Gardening Tips: Minimize the Costs of Your Garden

It is very easy to spend a fortune every year to create a beautiful garden. Consumerism is the order of the day. It is impressive how the masterminds of Marketing make us believe that we need so much to be able, at least, to maintain our garden.

Why do you spend so much on gardening materials? Next, we will give you money-saving gardening tips, but not simple tips, no. But the definitive advice that will help you minimize the costs of your garden without sacrificing your health or beauty Take note!

Money-saving gardening tips

A rule as simple as ancestral, and applicable too many aspects of life; including gardening But, eye! Don’t go running to buy the most expensive piece of land sold to you.

It is important that you focus well on the objective of your expenses at the time of gardening. In this case, what you shouldn’t skimp on is in your gardening tools.

money saving gardening tips

The best way to save on these utensils, tools, implements and, (why not?) Accessories; It is buying the best quality according to the use you are going to give them. Each and everyone should be of the best possible quality and always looking for the best cost/benefit ratio.

You don’t need to buy them all in one batch, that’s why. Next, we present in order of priority/popularity, all the gardening equipment you will need to take care of your plants.

The objective is that you acquire the elements as you need them; It is a good way to save-spending. But remember that, if you don’t have the right tools, you won’t just work more; You will also work worse. So let’s start by learning to choose them with professional criteria.

Choosing the tools for gardening and gardening

The first thing you should make sure is that all tools are made of stainless steel or with paints and antioxidant treatments. But what are these tools that we cannot ignore if we want to have a beautiful and healthy garden? Well, here begins the list; but we will also give you a brief explanation of each one so you decide if you need it or not.

Similar to a shovel but that does not dig holes but to outline the ground where we will work. Removing/angering the soil is very important; This tool is ideal for that.


Preparing the ground for planting is a job that is executed with several tools; one of them unquestionably important is the hoe and also the forks. Fortunately, many modern gardening companies involve both in one piece.


You just won’t get a more efficient supplement. It should be light since the work to be done with it can be a bit heavy. Of course, the size of the rake head should never be very small.

Pruning shears

Always watch that they are made of stainless steel. Otherwise, you could poison the plants by transferring them some fungus. Scissors are necessary, and obviously, they are a better option than using a knife or trying to break the branches and flowers.


Your protection is also important. Many people “develop” a tolerance for punctures and cuts. The ease and safety with which plants can be handled when wearing quality gloves, it is better to appear to be “one with nature.”

Prepare the compost at home

Prepare the compost at home

If paying an absurd amount of money for stones seems extreme, imagine those people who pay even more for land. It is true that the fertilizer that can be obtained already prepared feels and looks good. But the compost that can be prepared at home will always be 10 times cooler and loaded with nutrients than the commercial one.

As long as you have a small outdoor space, you can prepare your own compost at home. The first thing you should do is to allocate a single container and exclusively for this purpose. You could buy a medium-sized trash can, open a few holes on the sides for the compost to breathe and additionally you can use thick but malleable wire to make your own aerator.

Did you know that you can allocate 40% of the garbage generated at home to become compost? You just have to watch that the ratio of dried leaves and organic matter such as shells and shell, is in the order of 50-50. This in order to control the humidity level within our future compost. Once you see wildlife in your future compost, you can celebrate! Well, that indicates that you are doing well and those little insects will help you speed up the process.

Choose your flowers wisely

It is true that it always causes us to have in our garden a specific flower or a specific plant. It is the one that will give us the most work. But that’s fine, with proper care; virtually any plant can thrive.

The important thing is not to have the garden full of these plants that involve so many responsibilities and time. Instead, maintaining a garden with perennial flowers is definitely a very smart strategy.

As the name says, these flowers are maintained through the seasons and different climates. Although they need obvious care, they do not require perfect acclimatization to give away their beauty.

If you go to a place in search of plants, make sure you get some hydrangeas and roses; These are some of those perennials whose flower can decorate your garden all year long.

Keep in mind that when transplanting them (if you plan to place them in a dedicated pot); you must place the appropriate preparation so that it retains moisture and the correct amount of black soil.

If you are going to sow them in the ground, then just extract all the soil, and you don’t need to place that first “layer” to conserve moisture; The soil has that capacity, just filled with black soil.

The care of these plants is very similar, being that you must water abundantly every day, fertilize and spray once a month and; Without stressing the plant, remember that they can adapt to both sun and shade. Of course, don’t forget to prune.

Save water

Save water

Many people do what is due and water their plants every day. However, there are automatic irrigation systems that help to better manage our time without neglecting the plants.

Unfortunately, when people hear the word automatic. They immediately associate it with a certain investment in equipment, machinery, or technology.

We will tell you how to make your own irrigation system for your garden. Very simple and economical, so take note and get ready to hydrate your plants in a practical way every day.


  • Plastic soda bottle
  • Scissors
  • Gardening shovel
  • Water

The first thing you should do is cut your bottle in half and, using the part where the beak is located; bury it with said beak down next to your plant.

This technique is excellent for hot times and to hydrate our vegetable plants; In fact, every plant that nourishes more efficiently by its root is ideal for this method.

Not only can you apply this method next to a plant, but you can also do it inside a pot; Especially when you have several outbreaks. Remember that, to strengthen the health of our plants, we need to get the most water to the roots; but that is not why we should dehydrate when planning.

With this irrigation technique, you will notice that a simple liter of water you pour will be enough to care for a plant for much longer; which will leave you plenty of free time?

Do not forget that you can also resort to the shells of crushed eggs, spreading them around the surface around the plant will help them absorb more calcium.

However, if you have placed the bottle next to it, then pour the crushed into the half bottle; the nutrients will be absorbed in an equal or greater efficient way and, the crushed eggshells will remain underground once the water level drops.

An extra tip

Although it’s about saving on everything you can, there is an expense you might want to make. You can buy a special mold online to create cobbled roads, that is; the mold where landscapers pour cement to create patterns similar to rocks that come together like a beautiful puzzle.

These molds do not cost much, and the moment you start using it. You will notice that you can create a landscape in your garden without equal, then you will begin to mold other things, such as your own pots.

It’s not something you should do to save money, but it’s worth a try. You will awaken your creativity while beautifying your garden yourself.

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