Black Friday

Black Friday: physical stores vs online

The immediacy with which you can try and see a product in physical stores competes with the economic savings that are buying online. We share tips for Black Friday.

A week is missing for the official celebration of Black Friday but, although it is not yet November 24, some physical and online stores have already launched attractive offers. Originally, Black Friday was aimed solely at physical stores and Cyber Monday (Monday 27 November) to online shopping, now the digital world has also fully accepted the famous Friday of the bargains.

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Are you more of going to the store or shopping online? They are two very different forms of consumption and, although each has its advantages (and disadvantages), it is important to know its most remarkable differences to know which model is best suited to you.

Advantages of the physical storeBlack Friday

1. Personal adviceBlack Friday

If you want to buy, for example, a new smartphone and do not understand too much about the subject, the specialized staff of the store can show you the devices that best suit your needs.

2. You go, you try it, you pay it and you take it

When buying in a physical store you can try on that seasonal garment that you crave so much at the moment and, if you like it, buy it immediately.

3. You can check the status of the items

Go to a clothing store and find a tare in the dress you are about to buy is a classic shopping. In the case of physical stores you can see it before paying for the item, however, if you buy online you will be surprised when you open the package. If this happens, another cumbersome procedure begins the return.

4. Comfortable return

If you want to return a product just go to the store where you bought it to make the return. In the case of online purchases, it is more complicated, since you have to send the package back to the company and wait, again, for the shipment.

5. The more accurate idea of what we are buying

In addition, we make sure that stock remains. It is not the first time that a person includes an object in the shopping cart of the website and when it is ready to confirm, they warn that the product has already been sold out.

Advantages of the online store

1. You can compare pricesBlack Friday

Compare prices between different stores is quick and easy, looking for the most economical alternative for you and without having to leave home.

2. Ideal for specific products

If you want to buy a very specific article, you may find it on the internet is the only option you have to get it.

3. Shopping all over the world

Also, depending on where you live, there may be something you are looking for that is not in your locality or even in your country. The Internet allows you to go shopping virtually around the world.

4. Open 24 hoursBlack Friday

Unlike the physical store, the online store is available to the customer at any time of day

5. You save moneyBlack Friday

Although buying online is, in most cases, to pay shipping costs, you can find great chollazos that companies only apply to virtual purchases.

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