Delicious fish dishes

Delicious fish dishes on your wedding menu

You are immersed in the preparations for the link and you care a lot because the flowers of the bridal bouquet are natural and fresh and because the wedding details with which you intend to give your guests are ecological and/or healthy: crass plants, homemade jams, Oils with the denomination of origin … So you are sure that you propose that the bridal menu is especially healthy and appetizing for everyone present. What do you think of a well-presented fish? Delicious fish dishes on your wedding menu.

WhitefishDelicious fish dishes

Whitefish has high-quality proteins, B vitamins, and minerals such as phosphorus and calcium. Very easy to digest, has less than 2% fat, which makes it a light option, even to lose a few kilos before day B. Although the party dresses for large sizes are just as great and feel great. It is one of the best delicious fish dishes for your wedding menu.

BassDelicious fish dishes

Very appreciated for its culinary value, you can choose recipes of the most varied and equally tasty. For example, sea bass with almond sauce and apple. You can also take the tenderloin of the wild sea bass and serve it with wok vegetables. Although, of course, it will always be a good option to serve it to the salt and then go to the sweet with your delicious ideas for a candy bar. The perfect finish!


Like sea bass, sea bream with salt is a delicious dish; but maybe you prefer to serve something more elaborate visually, especially if you have sent some homemade wedding invitations and you want everything on your Bday to have that more careful and laborious air. The options at your fingertips are practically endless, but what do you think about opting for a gilthead to the lime in banana leaf and mustard popcorn?  It is one of the best delicious fish dishes for your wedding menu. Keep reading A DREAM WEDDING IN KOH SAMUI!

Another possibility is that you opt for a Provençal flower of bream served with seasonal vegetables with couscous of nuts. He makes his mouth water just reading it, right? And, of course, the simplest: loin of sea bream on potato bed. Delicious in any case.

HakeDelicious fish dishes

Lately, hake is as common in weddings as the ideas for the photocall, with its costumes and backgrounds, for its excellent flavor and easy digestion. It can be accompanied by gulas and prawns or be served puff pastry with the farce of leeks in mussels sauce. Another option is fried hake, with roasted red peppers, Bilbao style, or candied with truffled tomato and accompanied by a fine cream of potato. And for the lovers of the little-elaborated recipes, how about a hake baked with a sauce of tender vegetables?

CodDelicious fish dishes

Cod is less among the menus of catering suppliers for weddings, although it also admits all kinds of recipes. For example, it can be prepared in oil with piquillo pepper muslin. It will also be a delight a loin of cod to the retina.  It is one of the best delicious fish dishes for your wedding menu.

TurbotDelicious fish dishes

The turbot is also less common, but cooked with mushrooms can be a success. If you have not been afraid to innovate with the ideas of decoration for the wedding, try it. Surely it convinces you!

SnuffDelicious fish dishes

The monkfish is an original fish that you can offer to the guests on a bed of spinach with velouté of garlic and risolé potatoes, or accompanied by strips of piquillo peppers and onions. Great! But the options do not end here. Check with space where you plan to celebrate the banquet. Your expert chefs will explain all the possibilities of this fish rich in potassium.  It is one of the best delicious fish dishes for your wedding menu.

Blue Fish

They can reach 10% of fat in their composition, but their Omega 3 fatty acids are very beneficial to prevent cardiovascular diseases and keep young skin and other tissues.

Tuna and salmonDelicious fish dishes

Raw salmon, as well as bluefin tuna, are causing a stir in sashimi and sushi. But the salmon cooked, whether grilled with pumpkin puree and vegetable balls with citrus sauce, with garlic prawns or baked and flavored with orange oil … not bad either! But their non-culinary options have only just begun. Do you like a taco of marinated salmon for the entrants?  It is one of the best delicious fish dishes for your wedding menu.

On the other hand, you can also serve tuna confit with caramelized onions.


The Corvina loin is a highly valued fish thanks to its exquisite flavor and nutritional properties. You can serve it confit thyme with vegetable ratatouille with potatoes, or braised with chives, poached tomato, and garlic. Be that as it may, it will surely amaze all your guests.  It is one of the best delicious fish dishes for your wedding menu.

After this delight for the palate, your loved ones will feel satisfied, light and ready to give it all with their incredible party dresses on the dance floor to the rhythm of the wedding songs chosen for the occasion. To dance has been said!

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