How to improve the skin with charcoal

Some people claim that coal-based products are effective for skin care. There is limited evidence in this regard, but in general they are safe to use to have a more beautiful skin or fight skin disorders like acne.

Prepare a charcoal face mask. Just a few ingredients are enough to make a refreshing mask. There is no research that demonstrates the effectiveness of this treatment, but many people have found it useful. You will need activated carbon powder, rose water, aloe vera gel and a few drops of melaleuca oil.

  • Mix equal parts of charcoal powder, rose water and aloe vera gel. Add two drops of melaleuca oil.
  • Make sure you use a few drops of oil, otherwise you risk irritating the skin.

Apply the mask on the entire face (including forehead, cheeks and nose) by tapping it with a cotton swab. However, it avoids the area around the eyes.

  • Apply the mask, rinse it: you should be able to remove residues of dirt and toxins, at least in part.
  • Wash your face. At this point it should appear fresh and clean.

Exfoliate your face with a charcoal scrub. Some people find it effective, but there are no scientific studies in this regard. You can try this treatment and see if it’s right for you. Buy a charcoal exfoliate online or in a store that sells beauty products. To use it, massage it on your face. It will help to clear the pores, making the skin smooth and fresh.

  • To use it in complete safety, follow the instructions on the package. Make sure that you are properly applying any coal-based product.

Try a carbon-based product to clear the pores. Some people consider it effective for this purpose. After scrubbing, if the pores are still clogged, invest in a special product. You can find it online or in a beauty shop.

  • Many specific coal-based products to free the pores are sold in the form of foaming cleansers that are applied to the skin and removed with warm water.
  • The detergent you will use in the specific will be accompanied by precise instructions. Almost all of them are used in a similar way.

When you use a coal-based product, try to do it in moderation. There are still no detailed scientific studies on this, so the safety of these products has not been confirmed. It is therefore necessary to proceed with caution. Use coal only two or three times a week.

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