Hair groom 2018: the advice of hairstylists for a perfect look

Hair groom 2018: the advice of hairstylists for a perfect look

Hair groom 2018: the advice of hairstylists for a perfect look. Who said that only your wife has to do the tests of the wedding hairstyle in time? And why should the attention of everyone present focus only on her wedding dress? On the wedding day, the groom will be as much light as his own half and his hair will be an essential element to complete the wedding outfit, as well as shoes, accessories and the men’s formal dress: the cut and the look tell everyone present about your personality because they emphasize your style. We asked two professional hairstylists to reveal some guidelines that the groom can adapt to get to their wedding day in perfect shape and with an enviable cut. 

The steps not to forget before the big dayHair groom 2018: the advice of hairstylists for a perfect look

There are a few simple steps to remember before the wedding day. First, if you choose a new barber, it is much better to start attending it at least five or six months before the event, so that even the cuts that have not gone, so to speak, can be progressively corrected. It is also important to inform your barber of the look you have chosen, perhaps through the photos of the dress you have bought or thanks to images of characters to which you want to draw inspiration from the entertainment world for example.

As an example, if you decide that the reception for you has a decidedly retro style, it is good to inform your barber, who can help you choose an appropriate haircut and possibly to take care of the beard and mustache, to find a perfect combination to match with the dress and shoes you have chosen. This will allow you to agree with your sweetheart, who in the meantime may have opted for a vintage wedding dress and a rockabilly style hairstyle.

Trends: groom hair of 2018Hair groom 2018: the advice of hairstylists for a perfect look

Usually, on the occasion of the wedding, we choose elegant man hairstyle, avoiding extreme shades and shaves. If you look for a classic style, in fact, the nuance is granted only in the attachment of the sideburns and the nape but must be light and progressive. While those who have a very particular style can dare to choose clean cuts with particular shaves but are reserved for those who have a very strong personality and are used to extreme looks. In this case, those who feel like it may prefer a modern and informal style, with shorter hair in the lateral part and a more voluminous hair in the center of the head.

To avoid absolutely: good adviceHair groom 2018: the advice of hairstylists for a perfect look

A good tip to keep in mind is to try to keep your identity, taking care of the cut and making it special for the occasion without ever upsetting the groom’s style so as not to embarrass him. So the advice is to not go along with the headshots and avoid sudden changes at the last moment. Very often men underestimate the preparation of their look and some think they cut their hair even on the day of the wedding, but certainly, it is a risky choice as well as discouraged!

Women know it well; they attend their hairdresser months from the event and they rehearse their semi-soft, loose or lateral wedding hairstyles until they have chosen the style that suits them, in the most global sense of the term. Just as the girlfriends attend their hairdresser months from the event, it is good that even the bride and groom focus on ‘ outfit and hairstyle in advance, so as to find a reasoned solution that fits perfectly on your face type.

Beard yes or beard no? The new trendsHair groom 2018: the advice of hairstylists for a perfect look

For those who centers his look on the hair, shave them or prefers to focus on the beard … Good news! These are elements that only you men wear: she will have a clean face and a natural wedding makeup that will make her radiant, while you can play the beard and mustache card to become even more intriguing and design your style. In fact, the trend of long beard appeared in magazines and on the streets of the city two years ago, is gradually diminishing, but beard and mustache still have their charm and are requested daily by many men. They are a valuable gadget that can improve the appearance of the person.

Hair groom 2018: the advice of hairstylists for a perfect look

The groom’s beard can be medium, four or five centimeters, and is also ideal for those with a round and chubby face because it helps to shape the face, squaring it. In case the groom is used to wearing a beard and has an everyday look a little unscrupulous, then the hairstylist can recommend a medium-long unshaven beard of a few days. In all these cases, it is preferable that they are not too carefully and geometric: there are several canons to respect to make the face more beautiful, and shaping a beard too unnaturally is likely to not embellish the face at all by making it look like a foreign body.

If you love your mustache viscerally, these can also help you to make your style impeccable. If you have chosen a very elegant look and are organizing a refined reception, the mustache could be the final touch. In this case, your bride will probably have opted for a sophisticated lace wedding dress and you will have chosen a tailcoat or a tuxedo combining patent leather shoes … the mustaches will be perfect to complete your outfit! Even the dandiest or savage spouses can choose handlebar mustache or thirties (very thin) so as not to betray their unmistakable style on their wedding day.

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