How technology has made garage doors safer and more secure

Did you know the electric garage door dates back to the 1920s? Things have moved on considerably since then, and smart technology has made garage doors safer and more secure than ever before. Here are just some of the innovations that make modern garage doors a must-have.

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Smart and convenient

When you’re considering garage door installation, look for options that come with smartphone control. You can use an app to monitor access so you know who’s opened or closed the door as soon as it happens. Look for other advanced smart door features that allow you to check whether you closed your door and to lock it from any location in the world.

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An integrated battery backup is another technology that’s worth investing in. That means that if there’s a power cut, your car door will continue to operate so you can get your car out without any problem.

Safety first

Garage door safety sensors have been a requirement since the 1990s. These safety photocells ensure that the operation of the door stops if something breaks the infrared beam.

It’s important that you keep your photocells well maintained and replace or repair them as soon as there’s a fault. Typically, they’ll start to blink if there’s a problem. This could mean they’ve become misaligned, the lenses need cleaning, or there’s simply an object in the way. Diagnose the problem and take steps to sort it out so your photocells keep doing their job properly.

Also look out for new garage door openers that incorporate a bright torch. This makes the walk to and from a dark garage much safer.

Stay secure

Security is a primary concern in any garage door installation, so discuss your options with installers like, who will be happy to address your concerns. Even if you have an older garage door, smart locks and rolling code door openers can be fitted.

Older style garage doors had openers that could be easily hacked. Make sure your garage door openers use rolling code technology. This means each time you use the opener, a new code is generated so that your garage door is completely secure. You may also want to make sure that your garage door opener can be deactivated when you’re on holiday for additional security.

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