How to Wash Cushions That Are Made of Wool

How to Wash Cushions That Are Made of Wool

The wool, since ancient times, has always been one of the most widely used both in clothing products for the construction of the padding of mattresses and pillows. Today they are little used because pillows in other materials are preferred, such as latex, goose feathers, or synthetic materials. Here’s how to wash cushions.

However, today, wool is mostly used for the manufacture of heavy jackets and blankets, as it is a highly insulating material. Regardless of its use, like all other materials, even wool is subject to getting dirty and needs to be washed regularly. This guide will explain how to wash the wool of the cushions with a very ancient and demanding method that helps. In addition to cleaning, eliminate the smell of sweat and preserve the wool in a good state over time.

How to wash cushions?

We will need:

  • 2 capacious containers
  • Water
  • Softsoap, possibly homemade
  • Eventually, liquid laundry soap
  • Needle and thread

How to Wash Cushions That Are Made of Wool

Washing with homemade soap

In theory, you should wash the cushion filling every season, but in this case, it is preferable to wash this fiber in the summer due to the presence of many sunny days. So washing the wool of the cushions, let’s start by taking containers that are large enough to hold all the wool you need to wash. Fill them with water and soft homemade soap. This type of detergent contains a considerable amount of soda.

It is an excellent natural whitener that helps to make the fabrics whiter and especially the wool which, when it gets dirty, tends to assume the classic yellowish color. If we do not have homemade soap available, we can also use normal liquid laundry soap. We then extract the wool from the cushions.

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Once this is done, let’s get it back to dry in the sun and repeat the same operation several times to get it in the right shape. Precisely because of this last operation. It is advisable to wash the wool during the summer because the days are sunny and the wool needs to be completely dry. It can be reused. Otherwise, moisture could generate mold.

After a few days, the wool should be completely dry. If so, we can then remove it from the sun and refill the cushions with it.

After putting the wool back inside the cushions, it is a good idea to sew the pillowcases so that it cannot come out of them. At this point, our cushions will be ready to be reused. This method is very safe and effective, inexpensive, but very demanding. It is best to avoid washing the wool of our cushions in the washing machine. We would risk to disperse it and above all to break the appliance. The wool increases a lot in weight and volume when it is wet.

Never forget to wash the wool in the summer because it dries much faster. Avoid washing the wool in the washing machine.

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