Customer loyalty is influenced by Content marketing

Content marketing has had an overhaul and the way in which we retain customer loyalty is about to revolutionise the consumer experience forever. Instead of SEO, advertising and autoresponders, savvy marketers are turning to cutting-edge retention strategies to tailor messages directly to individuals.

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According to a recent Forbes report, loyalty programmes generate an additional 30% in revenue for businesses. How do we adopt fresh strategies for customer loyalty? Here are the top three approaches deployed by market leaders.

Shelve stale and get interactive

Using responsive data visualisation in preference to basic infographics has the power to enhance SEO and generate genuine two-way communication between you and your customers. Interactive marketing platforms such as Ceros have tapped into consumer demand for responsive, intuitive marketing. By driving all marketing through individual preference, loyalty and retention skyrocket.

Traditional advertising has lost its edge when it comes to influencing purchasing habits. People want real opinions, based upon real experiences of products and services. By engaging with consumers and soliciting feedback in effective ways, loyalty can be generated through unforced, organic interaction. A Cheltenham PR agency could give you expert advice on what sort of public relations are best for your business and these can be found at sites similar to
Implement an effective membership management system

Without knowing your customers, you can’t tailor your marketing. Membership management systems streamline the engagement process by storing, analysing and crunching your metrics. With all customer data housed and organised, delivering customised loyalty programmes is a cinch. The system operates as a central foundation, enabling cross-platform multi-channel advertising and customer engagement based upon unique individual interests and purchasing habits.

Break away from linear autoresponders

Consumers today expect sophisticated marketing to engage their interest and retain loyalty. This means that pre-programmed ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions won’t cut it; instead, use interactive multi-channel platforms such as CrowdTwist, which tracks customer activity across many different platforms.

This encourages engagement, invites honest reviews and can even be used to request that customers work on your behalf to promote products and services through social networks. TechCrunch recently reported that CrowdTwist achieved $9m (£6.2m) in funding, suggesting that consumers are fully encouraging this intuitive engagement.

By managing customer data effectively and investing in tailored marketing, businesses demonstrate that they are willing to drive loyalty schemes based upon individual preferences. This commitment to consumer-led evolution across marketing platforms reaps dividends in terms of organic influencers, customer testimonials and positive two-way interactivity.

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