How to care for a mattress

Choosing a good mattress is key to ensuring our daily rest and enjoying maximum comfort at night. But in addition to buying the best mattress, it is essential to take care of it day by day and keep it in optimal condition so that we can take advantage of it in the long term. Therefore, we must pay attention to its cleaning and maintenance. Discover how to care for a mattress step by step in the following article and put the tips into practice as soon as possible.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

Ventilation is essential in the task of caring for a mattress. If you have bought a new mattress, as soon as you receive it at home, take it out of the bag and let it air out for at least 2 hours. Thus, you will prevent the odors acquired through its manufacture and transfer from being impregnated in the fabric.

Likewise, it is important that you shake it every day and air it for approximately 10 or 20 minutes to avoid unpleasant odors. Open the bedroom window for good air circulation and remove the bedding from the mattress for this.

Step: 2

In order to extend the life of your mattress, it is best to purchase a protective cover at the time of purchase. Thus, we will prevent the passage of dust, sweat, and liquids to the mattress. Protectors that are 100% cotton are ideal as they offer greater breathability, and comfort and are easy to wash.

Step: 3

Rotating the mattress is something that we must also carry out to care for a mattress properly and get the most out of it. If your mattress only has one useful side, you should turn it from head to toe every three months. If you can use it on both sides, then you should also turn it over two to four times a year. In this way, the wear of the mattress will be gradual on both sides and we will prevent it from deforming prematurely.

Step: 4

Good regular hygiene is essential to care for a mattress and prevent it from accumulating a large amount of dust and mites, which also harm our health. To do this, make sure that the sheets that cover it are always clean, preferably washing them with hot water, and vacuuming the entire mattress once a month. If you want to give your mattress a deep clean, also find out how to remove some tough stains.

Step: 5

There are certain practices that do not favor the care of a mattress, so it is important to avoid them if we want to enjoy a longer duration. Take note!

  • Never fold or fold your mattress, as the materials will be damaged and you will get deformations.
  • Avoid spilling liquids on the mattress and try not to wet it during the cleaning process or use chemical products.
  • Do not allow them to jump on top of the mattress, as this will cause significant damage and the bed frame may break.
  • Avoid using your mattress as if it were an ironing board. It involves running a risk that can cause burns to both the mattress and bedding.

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