Bad bunny net worth

How much is Bad Bunny’s fortune? The Bad Rabbit is one of the highest-paid singers in the world

It is rumored that he has received 1.1 million dollars per concert tour

His somewhat ostentatious tastes are similar to those of other kings of the urban genre: Luxury, jewelry, diamond-set braces, cars, and even private planes.

It is estimated that the singer’s fortune is around 8.2 million dollars: it is a money-making machine

Reggaeton has always been a genre whose aesthetic exudes the concept of money and ostentation. So it is common for the fortune of some of its representatives to be the subject of discussion and salseo, heated controversies. And unconfessed desires of the fans of the urban genre: “Will I ever have a gold-plated bathtub and a house full of Dalmatians? How is it possible that with so many millions in the bank, such an awful outfit has been bought?

Among his champions, one of those who arouse the most interest and has received the most international awards is Bad Bunny, who could well change his nickname from “bad rabbit” to “rich rabbit”. It is rumored that the author of ‘The Last Tour of the World’. With seven awards in the last Bill Board Latinos 2020, swims very comfortably among tons of bills.

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Bad rabbit fortune

No hot cloths: Bunny, aka bad rabbit, has enough money to have been considered by several sources one of the highest-paid singers in the world. We also do not count that new professional facet that has forced him to put on his wrestling tights. And fight for the best elbow twist in the American professional league for this sport. It is assumed that for this millionaire contract that he will have added as many zeros to his account.

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According to the portal Celebrity Net Worth, which has specialized in calculating bank accounts, assets, and expensive eccentricities of American celebrities. It is estimated that the singer’s fortune is around 8.2 million dollars. He is a money machine.

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It may seem like a very high figure, but if we go to the numbers. The accounts come out. When the bad rabbit rose to fame in 2016. He was pocketing around $31,000 per concert or performance. About 800,000 dollars a year, to which expenses, maintenance, staff salaries. And record company fees (approximately 50%) had to be subtracted. The clean figure for that year alone is about $350,000. With all the concerts on the European tour, 21 in total.

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However, the numbers dance when other sources investigate Bad Bunny’s dizzying fortune. The American portal FX, dedicated to financing, aims even higher and affirms that the bad rabbit has come to charge up to 100,000 dollars per show. Pollstar includes him among the major leagues of artists with the most lucrative concert tours in the world and throws up a dizzying figure (better if you sit down, you who are reading): 1.1 million dollars per tour. We don’t know if completely clean or still to deduct all expenses.

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All these amounts were calculated before Bad Bunny climbed another rung in the league of the greats (and the richest) and performed at the intermission of the American Super Bowl, accompanying Jennifer Lopez and Shakira. Taking into account that this event is followed by more than one hundred million people every year. It is logical to think that his assets and his fortune have skyrocketed as a result of this appearance. The figures of what she was able to charge for participating have not been revealed.

What is the money spent on?

Like many other kings of the urban genre, Bunny has a bit of a bling bling-obsessed magpie and is a fan of costume jewelry and a lifestyle based on showing a good rock on his finger. He is passionate about diamonds, gold chains, colorful rings. And otherwise, he is a regular customer of Russo, the New York jewelry store that provides jewelry to other stars of the urban genre such as Karol G, Ozuna, or Maluma.

Your grillz (teeth cap plated in white gold and diamonds) will not have been exactly cheap. Many articles have fantasized about the price of an object that the singer wears very often and that he must have more affection for than his loved ones. The amount? Over $100,000 .

Add to this, for the rest, all the luxuries expected of a personality with so many zeros in the bank account: several mansions, private jet (possibly with a bursting minibar from Moet Chandon), a few high-end luxuries watches Rolex type and some supercars. He loves Ferraris and Lamborghinis .

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