profitable home business ideas

10 High Profitable Home Business Ideas for Increasing Extra Income

Home-based businesses allow you to generate significant additional income to stabilize your finances significantly. Undoubtedly, online businesses represent a great alternative to catch up with your accounts and monthly payments. The requirements to start are basic, so you only need to have little capital and a couple of hours of free time to earn money.

Profitable home business ideas

In previous articles we have shared with you, we explain various types of work from home, online companies, and ways to earn money online. In this article, we will talk about profitable home business ideas.

1. Freelance photographer:

Taking pictures can generate a good amount of monthly money. So, you better dust off your camera, or learn to use very well what you have on your cell phone. As you read it, becoming a freelance photographer is one of the most fun and lucrative home businesses you can start this year.

That is why we will tell you what the steps that you must follow so that the taking of photographs becomes one of your most profitable home businesses are.

2. Generate revenue with Airbnb from home:

If you have free spaces in your house, you can create one of the most profitable businesses from home with Airbnb. This business consists of becoming an Airbnb host and publishes the spaces you are not using, and in this way, travelers can stay there in your home, while you earn money with your stay.

One of the biggest benefits of this type of business from home is that if you enjoy traveling. You can publish your free space while you are away from home and people can stay in your home. So, you will earn money while you are traveling.

The good thing is that Airbnb offers insurance for these stays, and you can define the rules in your home so you will be calm with the people who stay there.

3. Paid Surveys:

There are large companies willing to pay you to fill out online surveys. These are like a kind of market study that allows them to improve their products and services on a large scale.

Today there are multiple pages to earn money with surveys on almost any issue, product, service, or theme you can imagine. The process to enroll in these pages will depend on the country where you are, and make sure you fill out all the information, so that the surveys are filled out. Usually, you must fill out the first one to determine your profile.

4. Create an online store:

Online stores have become one of the most sought-after home businesses of the moment because their profits are extraordinary. It is a job that will demand dedication and commitment, but that will quickly generate quite a favorable income.

To start, you can use tools like Shopify, which is one of the leading companies to create online stores. It does not require you to have experience in programming design.

In addition, investment is low. Yes, for just $29 you can create your store and start making sales. With Shopify. So, there is no excuse for not starting your own business from home under this modality.

profitable home business ideas

5. Create a blog and generate online content

Digital marketing continues to grow year after year, and there are more and more people interested in creating a blog to start monetizing it. This is undoubtedly one of the most lucrative home businesses that you can start during 2019. You will need to dedicate its time, effort, and work to give you the expected fruits.

For example, you must dedicate yourself to the creation of content, SEO positioning, to gain traffic, and ultimately to all the tasks inherent in the maintenance of this type of digital spaces.

6. Creation of online courses:

If you have academic knowledge, or better yet, some professional specialization, then you can learn how to generate solid and important income through this type of business from home.

The investment is not very high because the chances are that you already have the necessary equipment to get down to work, such as a video camera, a computer, or even a smartphone.

Now, with this work, you could receive thousands of dollars a month if your courses enjoy a good acceptance and receptivity in the largest virtual learning platforms in the market.

7. Social network management

The management of social networks has also stood out for a few years on a universal scale, mainly because they have become great sales channels for entrepreneurs and big brands.

So if you know the maintenance and control of the most consumed social platforms today such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube, then you have a large field of work at your fingertips.

But if you are not yet an expert in the area and still you are interested in working as a Community Manager. Then you are in luck because there are already virtual academies and social media courses that allow you to be certified as such for a few dollars.

8. Online translation services

If you master several languages ​​and can translate professionally, seriously, and responsibly, then this is one of the most beneficial online businesses for you.

As in the previous case, it is enough that you access the pages dedicated to translation work so that you start generating hundreds of dollars a month.

9. Virtual assistance:

This is one of the strongest and safest online businesses in the Internet world.

In essence, you will receive remuneration for providing support or customer service – remotely – to certain companies or ventures. This work has become so important that we have created a guide on how to become a virtual assistant and earn money.

Technological advances gave life to this virtual position, and today it is one of the most demanded on a universal scale, especially in those countries that have a high speed of navigation and a high degree of interconnectivity.

10. Content writing:

If you have writing skills, or if even your university career was journalism, or you have taken courses to become a writer, it is very likely that you will take incredible advantage of this type of online business.

Content writing has gained impressive ground in recent years. It allows you to work under your own scheme and from your own smartphone, computer or tablet.

Some attribute the sustained growth of writing jobs online to the constant need that companies or entrepreneurs have to keep content updated in their blogs or pages.

And if you think about it a little, this proposal makes sense, especially since thousands of websites are created every day worldwide. Their creators need a large bank of texts to start.

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