How Have People Kept Cool Throughout History?

Summer has returned and with it comes its heat waves and scorching sun rays – creating an annual battle to stay hydrated and cool! As it may be hard for us to comprehend how people from past eras managed without air conditioning systems, one might ask how they managed. In truth though, they were often quite creative in finding ways to remain cool; just using different strategies than we do today.

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Water has long been recognised as an effective means of cooling down quickly and efficiently, from taking a swim in a pool to showering with it, water has long been used as an antidote against heat waves. For centuries, many would submerge themselves in large fountains designed as large troughs where people could splash themselves to find relief on hot summer days.

Finding shade was another effective strategy to keep cool, which can still be done today with so many trees around our cities and neighbourhoods. Cooler temperatures tend to prevail in these shadier spots – not to mention you can still sit comfortably and catch some of the cooler breeze.

Prior to refrigeration, many people would harvest ice blocks during winter and store them until summer time when needed. Ice houses were naturally cool structures used for this purpose and allowed these cold blocks to remain stored underground until needed in order to help keep food and drinks cold during the summer months.

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As the summer heat continues to soar, nothing wrong with trying some more contemporary cooling methods like cold showers and running the air conditioner to help soothe yourself. For best results and sustainable solutions, upgrading home insulation and having it professionally air sealed could provide long-term relief from uncomfortable hot and cold spots that make living in your house difficult.

Soaking your feet in cold water or applying cold damp flannels to your forehead or the back of the neck are also effective and cheap ways to cool yourself down when the heat becomes too much. Ice cold drinks and lollies are another summer treat we can all enjoy as temperatures rise.

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