The perils and pleasures of sports car ownership

We all get to that certain age in life. You have a comfortable income; the mortgage is over half way paid and the kids are in their late teens. Suddenly you look in the mirror and you’re in your late forties or early fifties. The salad days are gone, and the compromises of middle age are starting to bite. What better way than to recapture that youth by splashing out on buying a sports car? Well, you could if the price wasn’t so much and the family car still needs a lot of running costs. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of such a move. If, however, you feel your budget isn’t up to that it might be a good idea to invest in an Sportscar Lap tray instead as the ones at have a very wide selection.

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The first thing that most people will do is think “I want a Ferrari or E type Jaguar” and laudable though this is there are more affordable ones on the market. Mazda or Subaru produce some very sporty models new and the used car market is very buoyant as well in the sports car area. If you do buy new just remember that as soon as you roll that car out onto the road it starts to depreciate. This happens with any new car to be fair but the good thing about a sports car is that it doesn’t go down in value as quickly.

Costs for a sports car are considerably high than that of a regular family car. Your services will be more expensive and the fuel consumption in these beasts is considerable as they are built for speed and not economy. One thing that you’ll have to consider is to whether to go for soft top or coupe. The soft top means that your probably only going to use it in the summer time but the chance to show off as the wind whips through your thinning hair is very tempting if the rain comes along then you’ve got a quick change on your hands. Most soft tops are automated but there still some hand crank ones out there and you soon going to find that the rain and the sun can have severe consequences on your interior. A sports car should be cleaned regularly and waxed regularly too. It’s an investment.

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One last thing it’s, a good idea to join a club. You can pick up hints and ownership tips plus you might be able to take it to a track day or hill climb and really open her up to the speeds it was meant to go at.

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