How to wash wool scarf

Wool is a very delicate material. If you don’t wash it well, it shrinks, and over time it brings out lint and balls that you have to learn to remove. In this article, we will teach you how to wash a wool scarf so that you can take advantage of all the benefits of this material without suffering the cons. And it is that, in winter, there is nothing warmer than wrapping a scarf around your neck and going out into the street with everything. Scarves are a garment that never goes out of style and that protect a fundamental part of your body: the neck. Protect it well and reduce the possibility of falling ill. Learn how to care for your wool scarf by following these steps.

You will need to:

  • A basin with cold water
  • A brush
  • Neutral soap diluted in hot and cold water. (Half a glass of each thing, approx.)
  • A flat, horizontal table or platform to let the scarf dry.

Steps to follow:

Step: 1

To prevent the wool from shrinking, the first thing you should do is soak the scarf in a basin of cold water and leave it for at least an hour. This step prevents the wool from undergoing changes after washing it since what the cold water does is soften the fiber of the fabric and make it easier to handle.

Step:  2

To clean your wool scarf, you really only need water, but in case it has stains, we teach you how to wash wool with soap.

Use mild soap for delicate garments. Wool is a very sensitive and dry fabric. Normal soap can be very aggressive for this fabric and damage its properties. There are many, and among them is its ability to wash. It sounds strange, but indeed, wool repels dirt (and also fungi and bugs, because it is bactericidal) and stays clean for a long time. For this reason, we say above that it is important to keep in mind that wool is not a common fabric and that when you want to wash your scarf, you should consider it twice.

However, it is now soaked and ready to wash. So take the soap of your choice and mix it with hot water and then cold water so that it dissolves well. We will use it only to treat, one by one, the spots if there are any.

Step: 3

Once you have the soap ready, locate the parts that are stained or dirty and clean them with a brush. A scarf is a small garment, but in large garments it is best to wash them in parts, adding the soap in small amounts to the stains that you see. It is important that when cleaning the wool, you do not rub it against itself to prevent rubbing from turning the wool into felt and making little balls.

The rest of the garment that is not stained must be cleaned by squeezing the fabric or massaging it carefully and without soap.

Step: 4

When you have the scarf ready, make sure that there is no soap left on it (change the water if necessary) and take it out of the basin.

To dry the wool, it must be hung horizontally on a hard and smooth table or platform, since if we hang it from a hanger or clothesline, as if it were a normal garment, it will deform entirely, because it is a very flexible fabric and it adapts to new shapes with ease. This explains why it is so comfortable and adapts perfectly to your body when wearing it.

Wring out the scarf carefully. Remember that if you wash it in the washing machine, you should use a special short-spin program (the special one for wool and delicate clothes), since draining the wool excessively can deform it. For this reason, we will only press it a little so that it releases the water and immediately we will let it dry on the table, spread out, giving it all the time in the world.

Step: 5

Wool is a fabric that does not need frequent washing. It doesn’t like water very much, so often a good brushing and ventilation will be enough to keep your woolen clothes clean.

In the case of scarves, even more. Ventilate them and wash them from time to time. In other words, washing wool is fine, but you have to know that you cannot value it as if it were a regular shirt because it is a special and different fabric.

In the event that your scarf shrinks after washing (something that happens especially when you use the washing machine), soak it again and stretch it to its original shape. Then, dry as we have explained above.

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If a wool item shrinks, soak it in cold water and stretch it back to its original size. Then let it dry and placed it horizontally.

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