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6 Ultimate Wedding Guest Checklist

Heading to a wedding? You may have already

decided what you’ll wear on the big day, but your suitcase will definitely contain more than that! Of course, your packing list will vary by where you’re traveling, where you’re staying, and how long you’ll be there. But, here’s a good starting point for your weekend event. We’ve organized this list in order of events, so you can easily plan your whole suitcase around the schedule from the best casino online.

A Change of Shoes

Your sky-high stilettos match perfectly with your cocktail dress, but they’ll destroy your feet on the dance floor. Consider packing a change of shoes, such as ballet flats or pretty sandals, for the reception.


Even with a change of shoes, painful blisters are sometimes inevitable. Pack band-aids to protect any pesky blisters that form-or prevent the injury altogether by applying blister defense products before the ceremony.


Heartfelt vows, romantic readings, and sentimental first dance songs could trigger tears from any wedding guest. If you’re worried about waterworks, stash a travel-sized pack of tissues in your bag.


Attending an outdoor ceremony in the morning or afternoon? Be prepared for bright sunlight by bringing sunglasses. Also, if rain is in the forecast, an umbrella could save your hair, makeup, and outfit from getting wet. This will give you more stylish to play your favourites from

Allergy Medications

Allergy sufferers know that symptoms act up during certain seasons. If you’re attending an outdoor wedding that’s taking place at a farm, park, or other open-air venue, pack your preferred allergy medicine.

Beauty Touch-Up Necessities

Make sure you’re photo ready by packing the essentials you’ll need for any beauty touch-ups, like powder, concealer, oil blotting sheets, or bobby pins. Also consider bringing a compact mirror, so you won’t need to scout out a bathroom every time you want to re-apply your lipstick.

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