what to do when phone is lost or stolen

What to Do When Phone is Lost or Stolen? Take These Steps

Unfortunately, today it is possible to lose one’s mobile phone, forgetting it on the bus or in another public place; or, again, we may have suffered the theft. Fortunately, technology has made excellent progress also in terms of security, providing more opportunities to safeguard our data when incidentally no longer in possession of our device. Let’s see together what to do when the phone is lost or stolen, following all the steps necessary to protect our privacy and security.

What to do when phone is lost or stolen?

The first thing to do is to definitely block the mobile phone to prevent ill-intentioned third parties from using it for criminal purposes once found, or in any case to prevent these from accessing our personal and sensitive data and content. The largest smartphone manufacturers, such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, today allow you to be able to locate a mobile phone with very high precision from a distance and to be able to block it or even reset its internal memory. By accessing the areas dedicated to these functions from the computers on the websites of the aforementioned parent companies, it will be possible to manage the mobile phone remotely in this way.

what to do when phone is lost or stolen

Block your mobile phone via IMEI

Another very solid move you can make is to block your cell phone via IMEI. The IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique code owned by each device and which allows it to be identified unequivocally. If we have lost our mobile phone or we have suffered the theft, we can recover the original box of our device and acquire the assigned IMEI which is easily printed on the package itself. The IMEI can be, in some cases and allowing to verify our identity, also provided by our telephone operator who, generally, is aware of it.

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Report the loss to the authorities and block the mobile phone

Once acquired the IMEI, we can request the block of the device associated with the telephone operator itself. The telephone operator, however, will also need documentation to be combined with the request to block the telephone: this documentation refers to the report of the report for theft or loss of the telephone device, generally to be carried out at the Carabinieri Corps. We can forward this mobile block request, with attached documentation of the complaint, by fax/mail or personally at a point of sale of our telephone operator.

For some time now it has been possible to “prepare” your smartphone loss report also online by connecting to the State Police or Carabinieri website, then having to formalize the complaint personally by going to an office of the aforementioned law enforcement agencies in the following 48 hours.

Notify family and acquaintances

Probably, someone will worry about trying to call us and inevitably and repeatedly finding themselves with a device on the other end that continues to ring without ever receiving an answer, or with a number that has suddenly become inactive. We use social networks from home to inform our contacts about the theft or loss of our mobile phone, especially our family. If possible, we borrow a cell phone as soon as we realize that we have lost ours, so as to contact the main person who can, in the meantime, spread the word to other acquaintances.

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Using the online complaint forms is highly recommended: it speeds up investigations and saves precious time, avoiding that in the meantime the mobile phone falls into the wrong hands.

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