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Tips for buying in farmers markets as an expert

Farmers markets– While we are used to buying everything packed and ready to take and cook in conventional supermarkets , the best we can do for our health is to start buying products as natural as possible. That is why it is good that we visit the farmers markets , there we can find fruits, cheeses, meats, vegetables, fresh and totally natural.

However, we know that this can be intimidating, especially the first few times, there are so many options and you are sure you’ll find food you’ve never seen before. That’s why we share 7 tips so you can go shopping like a professional even if you’re a beginner.

Do not lose your head, do not be afraid, just put these tips into practice :

Farmers markets go early or go late

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The key to making good purchases in farmers markets is to attend at the right time. It is best to go early in the morning to choose the best products before they are taken; but you can also go moments before they close since at this time the sellers usually finish the food, so you can take some bargains. The risk is that you have to settle for what is left, which will not be much variety.

Know what you are buying

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Another advantage to buy in the farmers markets is to be able to talk to the farmers directly and thus find out about the entire production process or they can even make good recommendations of what to buy. This is especially important if you have an organic diet, so you will know if the foods you are buying are natural, or how they feed the animals.

Take your own recyclable bag

In these markets sellers will rarely give you bags to carry your purchases, so get ready and bring your own recyclable cloth bags to place your fruits and vegetables. Also if you go to buy meats or fish, take a special bag, you can get some thermals that keep the cold.

Make a rounds

Before starting to buy it is recommended that you know the market first and familiarize yourself with the best food stalls, so you will know where the products you want to buy are and the best deals before buying them.

You can try before you buy

Something you can not do in supermarkets is to open the packages and try the food before buying it. Well this is a normal practice in farmers markets and highly recommended. In this way you will be totally sure of the flavors and freshness that you are acquiring. Do not be afraid to ask for a sample, as most positions will have some products ready for you to try.

Carry cash

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We assure you this, your local farmer will not accept your credit card. So make sure you take enough money in low denomination bills so you can buy your products; It’s the best you can do, so you’ll make quick purchases and avoid creating rows of people waiting for you to exchange large bills behind you.

Purchase according to the season

The best foods are those in season, they will be the freshest, largest and best quality. That is why we recommend that you give priority to fruits and vegetables that occur naturally in each season, in addition to ensuring freshness they will cost you cheaper than others that had to be taken from a distance or that have been harvested for a long time.

Are you ready to go shopping?

Well then take your cloth bag, make sure you bring cash and better leave your pets and small children at home, put on some sunscreen and you will see that going out to buy groceries will be a new and exciting experience.

In addition, you will feel fully realized when buying natural products so that you can eat together with your family and thus ensure good health.

The most common task of any person is to market and for that you have several alternatives. In fact, it is rare to find someone to do their shopping in the same place by custom or because ‘there everything is cheaper’.

How to make smarter purchases in the supermarket?

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Colombians continue to be an atypical case regarding the decisions to make the market. While in more advanced societies, such as in Europe and the United States, the purchases of chain stores represent more than half of the trade, in the country the neighborhood stores take 45% of the purchases of the basic food basket of the households and supermarkets only have a 15% share in the basic basket, data that correspond to Felon National.

However, the Fedesarrollo Consumer Confidence Index has remained in negative territory for several months and at the end of August it reached -15%. According to Nielsen’s consumer confidence survey, 77% of respondents perceive that the country is in recession , and analyzes by Kantar Worldpanel and Nielsen show that the VAT increase from 16% to 19% has led households to Be more cautious when making market. This feeling of distrust generates changes in buying habits and leads the consumer to be more rational in their purchases.

If your pocket is feeling the impact of these cost overruns, there’s no need to worry. In the big stores you can find promotions that can help you alleviate that heavy tax burden. Highly recommended to do an analysis of where to buy and what in each place.

Tips for Shopping in the Local farmers markets

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It is very common to hear that when we go shopping to the local market, we return home with too many products that we will end up discarding or, on the contrary, we will only buy a very small part of all the products that they can offer us. We give you some tips that will make your purchases in the market more efficient, productive and even thrifty!

  • Plan your menu in advance. If you are looking for a pumpkin, think about the recipes you can make with it. Maybe you want to make a cream, roast it or simply add it to your ravioli. This way you can calculate how much to use of your pumpkin and not waste.
  • Take your own bag. Fabric or nylon work just as well. The sellers will give you a plastic bag, which could be broken by the weight of the vegetables. In addition, they will thank you for having brought your own reusable bag. If you are planning to prepare a delicious and copious dinner, bring a small cart to drag it would not be a bad idea.
  • Meet the seasonal products. It is essential to know what products are seasonal, since they will be more abundant and therefore cheaper and tasty.
  • Accept all sizes and shapes. Raise the color and ideal size of your fruits and vegetables for your dishes. The biggest is not always the ideal! The strange oval shape of the tomato sometimes has the best flavor. In addition sellers will always give you a lower price those fruits and vegetables not so aesthetic.
  • Place the products after each purchase. Place the heaviest products in the bottom of the bag, so nothing will be crushed. Make sure you keep the herbs hydrated. Take one or two plastic bags with absorbent paper in the bottom, so that your most delicate products arrive as well as possible at home.
  • It arrives later. Something contradictory, no? Not at all. If you are not one of those who gets out of bed very early, when you get to the market you will find several discounts, since the sellers will be about to leave and will not want to keep a lot of product. Although always the best option will be to arrive early!
  • Go around the place several times. In this way you can compare prices and avoid compulsive purchases. Check the fairer and better quality prices.
  • Have you never seen it? Test it! Give those products you’ve never tasted a chance-surprise yourself and discover lots of new flavors that you can incorporate into your dishes.
  • That your Seller is your friend. Sellers and producers always have great ideas to prepare the products you just bought. In addition, you can ask about their production and storage methods. Do not be afraid to ask about the use of pesticides and chemicals: you will love your interest in their cultivation methods.
  • Buy in Volume! This is the best way to get discounts, especially on seasonal products. Remember: freezing and canning are viable options to avoid throwing away products that will serve you for some time.
  • Enjoy it! Make an exit to your local market with friends and family, surely there you will find crafts, delicious street food and many things you can not imagine.

Finally, farmers markets are the ideal place to get the freshest produce  and there is no shortage of them but they spread throughout the state and in recent years they have been expanding more and more attracting thousands of visitors. It is a pleasant place to spend time browsing and looking for the best products.



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