How to tackle tech neck and restore your posture

If you regularly work with a laptop or keyboard or are addicted to your smartphone, you have probably already heard of the phrase ‘tech neck’. This refers to the rounding of the neck and shoulders that occurs when your posture is hunched and slouched and can cause growing problems over time, especially if you don’t counteract it.
The adult human head is about as heavy as a bowling ball, so you can imagine the stress this puts on your spine and neck if you don’t correctly align your posture. Over time, this can lead to serious issues with pain and misalignment; however, it is easy enough to counteract the effects of tech neck by investing in a regular stretching and mobility routine.

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Ways to restore your posture

A smart approach is to implement a series of measures that help to restore your posture. Here are some things to consider:

1. Use a standing desk

If you use a correctly aligned standing desk, you can adjust the height so that your head is well-balanced and your body isn’t throwing itself forward out of alignment. This also works your glutes, hamstrings, calves and core by using standing and stability muscles while you work.

2. Get off the tech

Too much tech time does no one any good, so find a hobby that isn’t online. Knitting kits are a great way to flex your creativity and try something new. You can find a wide range of knitting kits for all levels, including total beginners, from specialists such as

3. Stretch and move

Try doing exaggerated neck rolls or yoga moves, such as downward-facing dog, to counteract the downward pressure on your neck. Be generally more active and have regular breaks from your work. Do arm rotations and gentle backbends that help to rebalance your spine; for example, cobra is a great move for this.

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With a little forward planning and effort, you can avoid the risk of tech neck and all its pain and discomfort. You could also consider using your devices less for even greater benefits.

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