Classifying all the roads in Great Britain with a complex numbering scheme.

All roads in Great Britain, whether they are long busy motorways or small single lane tracks are classified by a complex numbering system.  Each one is given just one single letter that corresponds with the category that road fits into and then a number between 1 – 4 digits. The motorways have one sub system while every other road has another sub scheme.  For example, the M5 is one of the best known and well-travelled motorways while the less travelled B105 is a small stretch of only 1.1 miles long and is of less importance than the A roads which are traditionally the most important routes.

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Having this network of numbered motorways, A roads and B roads means drivers can navigate their way from Edinburgh to John O Groats easily. Most of the time these roads are a blessing to all travellers getting from home to work or off on a well-deserved holiday.  Unfortunately, there are times when a road is closed due to an accident and then emergency services must attend the scene. Often, it’s the fire brigade that ends up clearing up any debris and oil spills with their specialist equipment, including the essential Spill Kits supplied by a professional company such as

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Some of the major A Roads, such as the A1 are given names as well as just this letter and number code, The Great North Road for example.

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