Tips for choosing your ideal wedding venue

Having somewhere to say your vows surrounded by friends and loved ones is a vital part of wedding planning. From grand ballrooms to homely barns, stunning beaches, or even a magical forest setting, here is a guide to selecting your perfect venue.

Speak to a planner first.

A wedding planner will have the knowledge and experience to visualise your dreams in the setting of your choice. They will tell you whether there is a way to make your dreams a reality and whether there may be potential pitfalls.

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Consider the theme

Make sure you think about what the two of you dream of – what you would love for your perfect, unique day. Your vision is far more valuable than one picked from a brochure or Pinterest board.

What kind of visuals and themes come to mind when you think of your dream wedding? This can help with matching the theme to the best-suited venue. If you picture natural or vintage aesthetics, consider outdoor venues, country houses, barns, and cosy spaces.

 Consider transport

You must think about how your friends and family will get there and if you want everyone to travel together. Think about somewhere fun with plenty of activities to encourage family and friends to stay over and see some sights. For Local things to do in Tunbridge Wells, for example, go to

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 Consider the space and budget.

It is reported that the average wedding in the UK now costs £27,000. Budgeting and planning are essential to keep costs down. Get a rough idea in advance of your guest list, as this will help ensure you pick a venue large enough to accommodate the numbers and will be helpful when budgeting. The cost will go beyond venue rental and include factors such as catering per person and decor. Consider whether there are nearby hotel options for guests who want to stay overnight.

Look at what is included.

You may find a venue offering full event service; however, it is worth checking how much it charges for individual elements and getting price estimates elsewhere to see how the value compares. Selecting your decor, linens, tables, and chairs independently of the venue may mean you get better value and more choices beyond what the venue can offer. When it comes to catering, make sure you factor in any gratuities and tax on in-house services when adding up the bill.

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