Ways that you can Provide a Safe Space for Wildlife in your Back Garden this Spring

Spring is in the air and once again it is time to get back out into the garden and start preparing it for the time of the year when we can enjoy spending time outdoors. There are lots of gardening jobs that can be done at this time of the year. From cleaning out the pots and planters to making repairs to fences and shed after winter storms have damaged them, but if you want to make a difference to the wildlife population as well as to your garden, have a look at some of these things that you can do to create a haven for wildlife as spring starts to get underway…

Put up Nest Boxes – With spring on its way birds will soon be looking for places to build their nests and begin to rear their young. Many garden birds have declined in numbers in recent years, so providing them with a safe nesting spot is a good way to help to protect them. Put nesting boxes up in high areas, where they can be safe from predators like cats and foxes, and also be secluded. If you want to watch the birds going about their nest building, laying eggs and rearing the chicks you can buy nest boxes which come with cameras inside, so you can watch from your home without ever disturbing the birds. They are great fun to watch and it’s a nice change from putting the television on every evening!

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Build a Pond – A garden pond is not only a relaxing garden feature, but it is also a great way to attract wildlife to your garden and it provides a haven for all sorts of animals. Water boatmen and great diving beetles are just two insects that thrive in a garden pond, as well as frogs, toads and newts. It is simple to build a pond – simply mark where you want it and dig (or even better, find someone like this excavator hire Leicester based company https://greensplanthire.uk/plant-hire-leicester/excavator-digger-hire-leicester/to get the machinery to dig for you) a hole. Then line it add a sandy layer and fill with water. Plants and rocks around the edges can then be placed down. It will soon be attracting wildlife.

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Create Wild Areas – Areas that appeal to wildlife where they can remain undisturbed are a good addition to a wildlife garden. You can buy wildflower seeds, like poppies, cornflowers and daisies which you can then distribute over an area, many of which attract a variety of butterfly species and bees. You can also just leave a patch of grass completely undisturbed. This means that it will grow tall and provide a safe hiding place for many creatures, from hedgehogs to slow worms. Wild areas like these encourage many different species of plant and animal to flourish.

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