How to measure your windows for curtains

Curtains are amongst the most popular options when it comes to finding coverings for your window. They can be created from a number of different materials and the stylings that you choose will depend on what your personal preferences are as well as the patterns and materials that you can find from the Curtain Makers Fulham way, like that you can use to have the perfect curtains created.

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It is important that when you look to use curtains at your windows that you measure the space that you have correctly. Not only do you need to measure the height of your window (this is known as the drop), but you also need to measure the width of the window. The drop of your curtain will need to  be long enough to cover the glass but not so long that your curtains hit any furniture or radiators near your window, or drag on the floor – that is unless you are specifically looking for floor length curtains.

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When it comes to measuring the width of your curtain you need to make sure that your curtains will completely cover the window when they are closed. It is down to personal preference as to how flat or pleated you want the curtains to look when they are closed. If you like a fuller look you may need to increase the width of the curtains that you buy.

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