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11 most used and known flowers to decorate in weddings

Let the freshness, serenity, and joy of the flowers enter your wedding to fill with details of charm to the decoration. As a tribute to the Day of the Florist in our country, we prepare a selection with those flowers to decorate the most famous in the links.

Find a headdress that best goes with your wedding dress, or makes your hair look radiant and beautiful with a bridal hairstyle with a veil, are details that every woman wants to find to find the best bridal look for your link. And as flowers have always been the fundamental element of any decoration for marriage, it would be worth finding the ideals to complete this detail. And as Florist’s Day is celebrated in our country, we wanted to help you so that you can choose the flowers that best go with your style and personality, take a look at this list of the most famous flowers. Did you know that the most used flowers also became recognized for their meaning or symbolism in the story? Encourage yourself to know more!

The most used and known flowers to decorate at weddings

1. Rosesflowers to decorate

Perfect both for a simple but romantic marriage decoration, as well as for a declaration of love. Famous for having witnessed the greatest number of love stories in history and for their magical variety in colors and meanings. They find them from the traditional red, white and pink, to the yellow, orange and currently positioned, baby roses or mini roses. Both its color and its aroma are its main characteristic and represent beauty, passion, and love. They are a classic flower that never fails, although it is not the cheapest, however, they are very versatile and suitable in any style. Roses are most used flowers to decorate at the wedding.

2. Tulipsflowers to decorate

With its 150 species, approximately, tulips are famous for their elegance and variety in colors and represent a symbol of pure and desperate love. Its name comes from Arabic and means turban, a term coined by the way this plant blooms. They are widely used in floral arrangements for weddings, especially for the bridal bouquet, because they represent the best way to express the beginning of the love story between the couple who want to get married.

3. Claveles

If when looking for prices of wedding rings they also want to find economic forms of decoration. The carnations are an excellent and very attractive option, adaptable, moldable and very durable, remaining for up to 3 weeks. They are typical flowers for brides and also very cheap. But it is recommended to avoid the yellow carnations, the mottled and red, for their meaning of disdain, rejection. And sad heart, respectively. We recommend pink, green, blue, cream or orange, for example. Clavels most used flowers to decorate at the wedding.

4. Gerberaflowers to decorate

For those vintage wedding or rustic style decorations, the gerberas, or also known as the “big sisters of the sunflowers”, are among the most popular flowers. They come from South Africa and have varieties in shape, size, and colors, such as white, yellow, orange, red and pink, but if they are lucky, they may find gerberas with petals of different shades. They represent a colorful and tropical joy, so they can also accompany an outdoor marriage very well if they are in summer.

5. Paniculataflowers to decorate

Of the most used and economic flowers, the paniculata, also known as “veil de novia”, is one of the most famous. Its plant measures between 90 and 120 centimeters, it grows at any time of the year and is composed of an abundant quantity of bouquets that stand out for being very fine, fragile and easy to leave. It is very exotic, but also fresh, relaxing and discreet. If you want to show off with some accessories for centerpieces for a wedding, these flowers are very suitable, even for bridal bouquets. Paniculata most used flowers to decorate at the wedding.

6. Lisianthusflowers to decorate

Its famous form of a bell is very used in the decoration of the church for marriages when they want to replace the roses by one of a more economical price. Known as eustoma or “pretty face”, although the word lisianthus, alludes to healing properties of nature. There are different colors like purple, violet, pink, white, among others. And their oriental origin turns them into an exotic plant. And its meaning can vary according to its color, for example, yellow represent creativity, white tenderness, or in pink tone the deep surrender of love.

7. Orchidsflowers to decorate

The great orchids, represent beauty and purity, and its symbolism is related to a sincere and transparent heart. In Colombia, there are more than 4,000 orchids and more than 200 genera that are distributed throughout the country. They are the most expensive flowers for any decoration, but they are also very elegant and versatile for their wide range of colors such as white, light pink, strong pink, lilac, and purple. Highly recommended for civil marriage decoration, especially to accompany the bride in her bridal outfit. Orchids are another most used flowers to decorate at the wedding.

8. Lilisflowers to decorate

If you are thinking of performing day or nighttime wedding, the lilies, or Casablancas, are the most used flowers for this purpose, due to their star shape and a great variety of neutral and intense colors. They can be seen alone in the bridal bouquet or accompany other flowers to harmonize or complement the floral arrangement. Lilies are also Clavels most used flowers to decorate at the wedding.

9. Peoniesflowers to decorate

Another of the flowers that can replace the roses is the beautiful and simple peonies. With an oriental origin, its meaning is as important as that of the lotus flower and the chrysanthemum. They are considered a symbol of wealth, prosperity, abundance and good luck, but also to take on great challenges with great rewards. They have gained great popularity. But for its high cost, it is recommended to use them in some of the flower arrangements of the decoration. Such as centerpieces, the bridal bouquet or the groom’s carriage.

10. Gannetsflowers to decorate

Also known as coves, these flowers with long stems, are perfect to benefit the short stature of brides. They accompany very well any type of simple decoration. For its long green stem that in any way will provide grandeur and elegance wherever it is placed. These large flowers represent neatness, finesse, and durability. And are so famous that even dreaming of them represents kindness, compassion, sensitivity, and beauty.

11. Hydrangeasflowers to decorate

If you want to mark trend as a wedding dress 2018. Hydrangeas are considered the next flowers of trend topic 2018. If you are looking for an English, vintage or even rustic style. These flowers are perfect for decorating romantic and evocative environments. They are very versatile, perfect for combinations or complement the arrangements. And although they are very showy and striking by themselves. If they wear short they also capture a lot of looks. They are flowers that preserve their appearance and texture for a long time, with minimal maintenance.

In the search to give life, freshness, and serenity to marriage, flowers are perfect complements even in bridal hairstyles. Without a doubt, botany, agriculture and the language of flowers, provide good wishes even on the honeymoon. If you give the opportunity to share with you, also that beautiful moment.

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