Video SEO

Video SEO

YouTube video seo: Advertising step by step

An AdWords account and a good video can help you get many visits to your website. How can it be possible? Thanks to the publicity on Youtube. Despite the fact that more and more users are complaining about the amount of advertising that is sponsored by the new payment model to skip it, the reality is that it can be beneficial for your business.

What is YouTube video SEO?

Video SEO

Youtube advertising serves to reach a much larger audience than we usually have. This platform offers many advantages: from connecting with your most loyal followers, segmenting new visitors on your channel to offer them unique content or measure the success of your audience.

To begin managing to advertise on your YouTube channel you must have an account in Google Adwords and start launching video campaigns.

Types of advertising on YouTube

The types of videos that you can perform within AdWords are called TrueView. This type of advertising is what is paid if the user sees the full video. There are 4 different provisions in regard to this type of advertising on the YouTube page:

In-stream. It plays before or after the video. It is used by major brands, with the options so you can skip that advertising or not.

In-slate. They usually have a minimum duration of 10 seconds, where users can choose a maximum of 3 ads to watch and where we pay for each complete viewing. They are placed as suggested videos in a thumbnail.

In-search. They are placed on the right side as featured videos, similar to Google ads.

In-display. It can be seen as content linked to other non-YouTube platforms and is only paid if users watch the full video again.

On the other hand, we find advertising Display, ads that appear with a related text in Google searches on web pages that are incorporated.

How to make your campaign step by step

Now that you have more clear what YouTube advertising is and what types exist, we are going to leave you a small tutorial of the basic steps that you have to follow to be able to launch your first Youtube campaigns.

– Once we have our Adwords account, we start creating our campaign. Here we will cover all the fields that are appearing: name, type of video, budget allocation (usually depending on what you are willing to pay), select the network of videos (found either by searches or videos), location and languages.

– Now we will select the video. This is where we will choose the type of ad that we want to launch in our campaign and we can complete two types of video: In-Stream, completing the visible and final URL, up to the In-Display, looking for a CTA that invites our audience to see the video.

– Once we have saved all this data, we will define those devices in which we want our campaign to be shown.

– On the one hand, we are going to select the audience to which our video will come. Then, we assign the CPV (Cost per view), this is what we assign to the ad bid. Finally, we will end up adding all those keywords that serve to tag it.

– Once we have everything saved we launch our campaign and we will only have to track how it is evolving through our Adwords account.

Shopping Ads, the new advertising on YouTube

We recently learned through the media that YouTube will allow you to buy ‘online’ what the videos show. Actually, it is Shopping Ads , the new advertising format of the platform that will possibly be a great advantage for youtubers. If for example we are looking at a makeup tutorial, when we hover over the icon that will appear on the right margin of the video, a sidebar will be displayed. In this bar, the same products that appear in the video, its price and a direct purchase option will be displayed. Although this option has not yet been released, we will be very attentive and we will inform you of all the news.

What do you think about YouTube video seo? Did you like it? At IEBS we believe that video marketing is a vital tool that companies have to use to attract customers, build loyalty and, above all, boost the brand. That’s why we encourage you to get trained in Marketing if you want to start launching campaigns to segment your audience and improve the attraction to your business. You are still thinking it? Get ready now!

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