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If you’re thinking of selling your property, you might be wondering what is it that potential buyers are most looking for? Homeowners can often be reluctant to spend money on upgrades, especially since they are moving on. However, there are some features that can add significant value to your home and spending some cash will often prove more successful than doing nothing at all and having your property linger on the market. Here are some of the features that buyers seek most:

Laundry Room

This is a rare luxury in modern homes but if you have a dedicated space for appliances and laundry, it will go down a treat with potential buyers. Not having to assign a spare room, garage or bedroom to dealing with and storing laundry is a major benefit and frees up living space inside the home.

Energy Efficiency

Everybody wants to save money and do their bit for the environment, so energy efficient appliances and windows are a big deal in today’s housing market. Buyers will be more attracted to properties that score well on the EPC and have smart features deserved to save money in the long term.

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Walk-In or Fitted Wardrobe

A walk-in wardrobe is becoming increasingly popular among homebuyers, whilst a more common feature equally as desirable is the fitted wardrobe. Both options provide additional space in the bedroom as there is no requirement for a bulky piece of furniture in the form of a separate wardrobe. For Bespoke Wardrobes Hampshire, visit Lamco. Lamco Designs offer a wide range of Bespoke Wardrobes Hampshire.


Outdoor living space is another major draw for would-be buyers. A great garden space with a dedicated are for garden furniture and a barbecue will be an attractive prospect as it means an even bigger living space.

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Garage Storage

Growing families need all the storage space they can, and sellers should tap into this desire. Creating some clear space in the garage specifically for storage helps to keep clutter out of the main living area. If this bonus space is well-organised and easily accessible, buyers will lap it up. A garage is often preferable to an attic or shed as it is more accessible, sometimes reached from within the home’s interior which makes it easier to move things back and forth.

Hardwood Flooring

This type of flooring is highly sought after as it provides a cleaner aesthetic, has better durability and is easier to keep clean. Unlike carpet, which should be replaced every 8 years or so, a hardwood floor can last a lifetime if it’s occasionally refinished.


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