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Given that we live on an island, the need for land to build and develop on, without costing us all our green spaces, is a difficult balancing act to achieve. Fortunately there are many ways and means that we can start to maximise the most of the land that we have. Britain is a beautiful country and organisations like English Heritage, CADW, The National Trust and the National Trust for Scotland all work to protect these places as best they can. With this in mind, developers start to turn their attention to other places that are available. This is where Remediation Contractors like soilfix.co.uk/ come in. They can turn sites that were thought to be unusable back to health and productiveness.

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Remediated land is generally that of brownfield sites. These are historical industrial sites that have been closed as the UK’s economy began to change and the tertiary and quaternary sectors of the economy began to take over. These were usually invasive and environmentally unsound places that have poisoned the land where they sit.

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Other places are ex-military sites that have become defunct after the Cold War. These are vast areas of green open space and are less likely to have an effect on the soil and surrounding area. They do come with other hazards such as large concrete bunkers or Hangars that may contain blue and white asbestos.

Either way a proper land remediation company will need to be employed to clear the site.

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