The warmth and feel of a nice woolly jumper.

When the colder wetter weather starts to creep in people across the country start reaching for their winter wardrobes and any warm woolly jumpers that they own. There is no better way to cheer yourself up on a cold winter day than to turn on your heating and sit snuggled up inside a nice jumper with a good book or perhaps your favourite television box set. Of course, before you turn your heating on for the first time it is a good idea to get a Boiler Service Gloucester company like to come in and give your heating system a good check.

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Wool has been a staple in the fabric world for many many years and can now be found in many different types including sheep’s wool, camel wool and even artificial wool types. Wool is a fascinating material and there are many interesting facts about it.

Celebrating all things wool

Each year the annual wool week is held in October as a celebration of all things wool related. The event is currently in its ninth year and it was established to help promote the creation, use and benefits of wool. Lots of different events are held throughout the country to help promote this fabric choice with HRH The Prince of Wales the patron of the campaign.

A place in history

Wool clothing items have been recorded as far back as Stone Age and Egyptian times and it has often been seen as a valuable commodity to have. Back in 1192 when Richard the Lionheart (Richard I) was captured the Cistercian monks used 50,000 sacks of wool to pay part of the ransom that was ordered by the Holy roman emperor. This amount of wool would have taken a year to clip from the sheep that they farmed.

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Perfect properties

Wool has some impressive properties and qualities. It is water resistant and is also fire resistant. This is due to the oils that are naturally present in the wool and also because of the high ignition temperature of 750 degrees Celsius. Wool is also biodegradable and as it slowly breaks down and fertilises the soil as it contains 17 percent nitrogen naturally within its fibres. Also, probably most importantly for anyone who has a love-hate relationship with their iron and ironing board, wool is wrinkle resistant. Making it one item of clothing that you don’t need to worry about ironing.

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