What is a hydraulic power unit?

A hydraulic power unit, or HPU, is a mechanical device that supplies pressurised oil to a hydraulic actuation system. It features a redundant pump system which charges the bladder accumulators to a high pressure so that the actuators within the device can store the energy that is produced. A system of valves is designed to ensure that a constant and stable pressure is achieved. To guarantee the cleanliness of the oil circulating within the system, multiple filters are installed.

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Why would you use a hydraulic power unit?

Hydraulic power units are used in a variety of industrial settings where lifting, pulling or pushing a load is required to be carried out frequently, such as boat building, agricultural processing, the production of military equipment and in paper mills.

Hydraulic power units are available in a range of sizes and power outputs that lend themselves to a variety of applications and environments. Many specialists have developed HPUs which are assembled using modular components such as those seen here: hydraproducts.co.uk/Hydraulic-Power-Units/Standard-Power-Units. This enables businesses to custom design the HPU to suit their particular setting and purpose.

Choosing the right hydraulic power unit

It is important that the HPU selected is of a size that is commensurate with the need that it will fulfil. Drainage tanks range in size from 16 to 180 litres, and flow rates vary, with some of the most powerful units offering flow rates of up to 100 litres per minute. The pressure that each device can withstand will also vary, so understanding the environment in which it will be deployed is essential to selecting the most appropriate HPU for your intended purpose and industry.

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Maintaining your hydraulic power unit

The combination of high pressures and high temperatures means that correct operation is essential for the health and safety of workers in the nearby vicinity. Regular maintenance must be carried out in accordance with manufacturer instructions and malfunctions addressed immediately. Where an HPU experiences any form of failure, its use must be discontinued until such time as it has been rectified.

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