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The 10 best men’s perfumes of 2018

Know what are the most popular fragrances this year and choose the one that most resembles you.

Despite only being at the end of the year, many experts and connoisseurs have taken their choice in terms of the masculine fragrance that marks this 2018, a year where the citrus tones are accompanied by certain herbal notes and perhaps the occasional touch of wood, to accentuate male virility. Today we present the top 10 of the best men’s perfumes for men in the market that are setting the tone this year.

The 10 best men’s perfumes of 2018

1. Trussardi: Trussardi Riflessobest men's perfumes

A male colony that gives you an essence of green apples with the robust touch of oriental wood, which together makes a unique fusion between the sweet with a touch of acid. This colony made in Italy is available in its 30ml presentation. It is best men’s perfumes of 2018.

A fragrance that gives you all the freshness of nature, without losing those delicate citrus notes that bring to light all the virility and sensuality of man.

2. Ralph Laurent: Polo Blue by Ralph Laurenbest men's perfumes

We are talking about a masculine fragrance that since its launch in 2002 has given a lot to talk about; its formula has citrus notes of natural fruits such as melon and mandarin. Which combine with certain slightly more intense aromas, such as geranium and patchouli wood. It is best men’s perfumes of 2018.

The hallmark of designer Ralph Lauren is embodied in this unique fragrance, whose exotic aromas last on the skin for hours after having been applied.

3. Giorgio Armani: Acqua di Giobest men's perfumes

A perfume presented for the first time in 1996 by Alberto Morillas.  It combines the citrus touch of fruits like lime, lemon, and orange, with some notes a little more intense like jasmine and patchouli. This fragrance is available in a limited edition 100ml bottle.

This fragrance gives you all the aromas of the Mediterranean in a unique bottle, which thanks to its concentrated formula can last with you for hours.

4. Yves Saint Laurent: L’Hommebest men's perfumes

A male colony that can be used every day, without losing the characteristic touch that has earned it international recognition. It has a floral formula with certain touches of wood and pepper, along with some stronger notes such as ginger and violet leaves. It is best men’s perfumes of 2018.

A unique aroma is what brings this fragrance, which makes any casual meeting a real olfactory delight for those around you.

5. Prada: Luna Rossa Blackbest men's perfumes

It is an exclusive design fragrance, which is available in a 50ml presentation with a peculiar aroma that evokes the adventurous and wild spirit that inhabits each man. Its formula has extracts of bergamot and woody amber that give it certain acid notes. It is best men’s perfumes of 2018.

A fragrance for those who live intensely, their citrus touches and robust wood make this a masculine colony that gives off class, style, and authenticity.

6. Paco Rabanne: Invictusbest men's perfumes

A fragrance for men with one of the most original presentations. This decorative bottle contains 50 ml of the exclusive formula of this fragrance composed of bay leaves and fresh wood with certain marine notes that give it a very characteristic aroma.

A unique presentation, an unforgettable aroma, and a novel design are the elements that make this fragrance of Paco Rabanne a fragrance that marks this 2018.

7. Emporio Armani: Stronger with youbest men's perfumes

The counterpart of the fragrance “Because It’s You” is this male cologne that is available in a 50ml presentation. Its patented formula has spices such as cardamom, pepper, mint, lavender and a subtle hint of vanilla for a sweet contrast.

A fragrance capable of bringing a touch of exclusivity and distinction to your look. Which you can also use on a daily basis with the full assurance that it will never leave you alone.

8. Salvatore Ferragamo: Acqua Essenzialebest men's perfumes

It is an essence elaborated by the designer Salvatore Ferragamo, presented for the first time in the year 2015. Its formula is made based on wood essences of the highest quality.

The most demanding Italian quality standards are present in this fragrance, where quality. And good taste is part of the philosophy of the brand.

9. Issey Miyake: L’EAU MAJEURE D’ISSEYbest men's perfumes

It is an exclusive fragrance available in a limited edition presentation of 100 ml. Its formula is constituted by marine essences that together with the contrast of the wood gives off an ideal aroma to highlight all the faculties of man.

A colony that you can use every day and that adds to your particular style an aroma of marine essences. That without a doubt will make you stand out from the crowd.

10. Maison Martin Margiela: Jazz Clubbest men's perfumes

It is a masculine fragrance that brings together the essence of a Brooklyn Jazz Club in a 100ml bottle. Its formula combines some strong aromas such as leather and tobacco. With small touches of sweetness provided by the vanilla to provide a unique experience.

A fragrance where the sweet and light smell of vanilla blend with some stronger aromas, like leather to give you an exclusive and modern touch that will accompany you for hours.

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