Ways to Boost Your Solar Efficiency

The efficiency with which solar panels convert sunlight to energy is what sets them apart from conventional power sources. The higher the solar panel efficiency, the more electricity they generate. Here are some simple ways to boost your solar efficiency.

Clean Solar Panels

Dust accumulates on solar panels over time, reducing their performance. Studies show that dust can gradually reduce solar panels’ output by up to 7%. Solar power installers will provide you with information about the appropriate cleaning methods and schedule for your area. Generally, annual cleaning is sufficient. This may be as easy as rinsing the panels with a garden hose. In more difficult cases, you may need to scrub the panels with a soft brush.

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Choose Solar Panels That Ensure Maximum Efficiency

When shopping for solar panels, look for those with high-grade silicon and textured surfaces. These are designed to reduce reflection, allowing the solar cells to absorb more of the sun’s rays. You should also ask about anti-reflection coatings and if the panels have backup batteries, as these will help you produce more energy even when the sun is not shining. For Solar Panel Installation Nailsea, contact redbridgeandsons.co.uk/solar-pv-panels/solar-panel-installers-nailsea

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Keep Shaded Areas Clear

The location of your solar panels is important, as they need full sun exposure to work. Regularly check for areas that are shaded throughout the day and take steps to eliminate those shadows, such as trimming trees. Some solar systems come with monitoring software that allows you to track energy output so you can be proactive about reducing consumption and making adjustments when necessary.

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