How to care for woollen clothing

Wool is a wonderful fibre, capable of being crafted into the most stylish, quality and timeless pieces of clothing. Perfect for the autumn and winter seasons, wool ensures you are kept warm and cosy.

Wool is a self-regulating fibre, meaning you will not need to launder it as frequently as other pieces. Wash your woollen items only when necessary to keep them looking their best.

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Top tips

For times when machine or hand washing is required, follow these tips to ensure your woollen garments stay like new for longer:

1. Hand Wash items using a specialist wool detergent or ensure a lower-temperature wool wash is used on your machine.

2. After washing, allow a 24-hour rest period before wearing an item again. This allows the fibres to return to their original shape and promotes resilience.

3. Rather than washing, garments can be refreshed in a steamy bathroom. This will also help to remove any creases.

4. Iron on a wool setting or ensure you iron when slightly damp. Alternatively, iron the garment on top of a slightly damp cloth.

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5. Dry away from direct sunlight or heat to prevent woollen items from shrinking.

6. Moths are attracted to soiled clothing, so it is recommended that clothes are clean when storing them long-term and a moth repellent is used.

Where to buy woollen clothing

Woollen clothing is a smart, classic and timeless addition to any wardrobe that will stand the test of time with the correct care. From mens Aran sweaters to cable knit jumpers and chunky cardigans to finer knit roll necks, there is a woollen piece to suit every style and taste. A range of mens Aran sweaters is available crafted from high-quality Merino wool.

Preserving your woollen garments by taking good care of them ensures your winter wardrobe will look as good as new, year after year. Woollen pieces are a staple classic addition to any wardrobe, whether in the form of cardigans, sweaters, turtlenecks, or scarves. Treat these pieces as investment items that are truly timeless.

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